Monday, May 15, 2017

Welcome to author Arlene Foster

Hello, Arlene, and congratulations on your book release!
I love that cover, and time travels are one of my favorite genres. How about a blurb?

Dorrie, felt a restlessness she couldn't explain, then a State Trooper, stops her for speeding. Thinking he is the answer to her discontent, she jumps headlong into an affair, only to realize nothing has changed, except she is pregnant.
A week before her baby is due; she receives a Celtic knot necklace for her birthday, from a great-great-grandmother that died two years before she was born.  Suddenly, thrust back in time she becomes her own great-great-grandmother.
What's a girl to do with no microwave, no fast food, and very limited cooking abilities?  Why, she learns to tackle that monstrosity of a wood burning cook stove of course.  She may have been a tiny bit spoiled in her previous life, but she had been raised to clean house with the best of them (whoever them is), and has a non-defeatist attitude. 

****What a great concept!
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Again, thank you for being my guest here, and good luck with your book!