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Hello, I started a blog that has lists that might be useful for readers and writers:

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Please welcome author Emma Lai

Hello, Emma, welcome to my blog!
The excerpt below is a bit steamy. :)


Emma likes nothing more than a challenge. First, she tackled the male-dominated field of engineering. Next, she expanded her understanding of the world by studying international relations. Finally, her husband dared her to use her experience and knowledge and devote herself to writing. She accepted his challenge and has been writing ever since.

Writing keeps Emma sane. Her characters demand their stories be told and nag her incessantly until she complies. The characters are very insistent about her remaining faithful to their individual adventures. As a result, Emma writes a range of genres and levels of heat. She never knows what the next set of characters will demand!

Twice is Not Enough Blurb:

After several disastrous engagements, Lady Minerva Peters is an expert at suppressing her own needs. Only in the darkness of night does she give in to her wanton desires with a fantasy lover.

In the middle of a crowded ballroom, she learns her father is not yet ready to let her fade into spinsterhood. Humiliated, she ducks into a dark alcove only to find out she's not alone. Her hiding spot is occupied by a captivating stranger. Before she can escape, the two become voyeurs to another couple’s sexual rendezvous. The atmosphere heats up and so does her body, especially with the tempting offers whispered in her ear.

Will Minerva deny her needs once again or will she embrace the anonymity of their seclusion and finally explore her basic impulses and the startling attraction to the compelling mystery man?


Minerva’s hand trailed to the spot between her legs she knew would help ease the ache inspired by the Markhams’ passionate display. Through her skirts, she pressed her palm against the magic spot hidden between the outer lips of her core. A gush of moisture answered.

“Would you like some assistance?”

She jumped. How could she have forgotten the presence of her shadow? Anger at her forgetfulness and the slight humor in his voice swept away her embarrassment. She let her hand fall to her side, straightened her shoulders, and raised her chin.

She needed to remove the temptation facing her, but it wasn’t as if she could interrupt the Markhams now. She slid a step to the side in an effort to end her view of the amorous tryst, but the alcove wasn’t deep enough. If she could just take a few steps back…but no. The man behind her prevented it.

Two hands grasped her hips and hauled her against the hard body at her back. Shock held her immobile. How dare he manhandle me! Who does this stranger think he is?

A picture of her fantasy lover popped to mind. Would it be wrong to pretend her shadow was the object of her fantasies? Her traitorous body relaxed into the broad chest at her back. Heat pooled in her belly in response to the firm thighs and distinct bulge of an aroused male member nudging her bottom.

“I can help.” A hand journeyed upward, from her hip, to her arm, to her shoulder with only the lightest of contact, but yet even that slight touch sent tingles darting along her skin.

She tensed, but inside, her body pulsed at the promise in his voice. The suggestive words murmured in her ear had moisture dripping down her passage. Her thighs became slick with her need. If she took him up on his offer, she could discover for herself if reality surpassed fantasy.

A thumb massaged her collarbone, and fingers teased the tops of her breasts. “No one has to know. It’s just you and me.”

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Thanks again for dropping by. I wish you well!

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