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This is a contemporary romance with elements of the paranormal.

A young prince has been accused of murder and has been sent to live in America; though he is innocent. He grows up with a tightly knit group of friends and falls in love with his best friend, a rock musician. He tries valiantly to win her heart. 

A strange mask having paranormal qualities offers him, his love, and their quirky friends more questions than answers when they try it on and receive its disturbing messages. The mask warns the prince that he must find a way to win the throne from his dangerous brother, a tyrant, and save his country. How can he do this without money or power? His younger brother will strive to help him, but time is running out. The prince will face the greatest challenges of his life and impossible choices. 

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This is The Mask of Truth, book two of the series. 

After a surprising discovery, a prince is invited to take the throne of his country. A strange mask having extraordinary qualities offers this young prince, his estranged bride, and their quirky friends paranormal gifts and more questions than answers when they try it on and receive its disturbing messages. 

A king bent on revenge goes after his brother, the new king, in startling ways, hating him and the fact that he’s making history. He, in his anger, gets his brother’s loved ones involved, and hard choices must be made. Things get worse when the former king wins another throne.

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A time travel romance--modern day America meets Elizabethan England and other eras. 

Time agent, Ambrose Radcliffe, works for Queen Elizabeth the First. In his off time, when he was not fighting battles on different historical battlefields, he searched across the centuries for his beloved Josephine, from ancient Greece and Cleopatra’s court to 1950s America and many other eras. He has finally found her. 

He takes his great love from twenty-first century America back to Elizabethan England. All is well until a rich and powerful woman who wants him changes the timeline and covers her tracks well. Josephine loses Ambrose. 

New time agent, Josephine Hastings Radcliffe, is determined to set things right, with the help of the bad-tempered time boss, but things do not look promising. 

Later, Ambrose's time-traveling activities are so troubling that Josephine is forced to stand up to him. She must chase him through the eras to stop his plan from coming to fruition. The problem is, every time they meet up, they fall into each other’s arms, unable to deny the feelings they have for each other. Still, she has her own mission and must complete it or die trying. Josephine is called to be a hero and discovers her darker side. 

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Romeo vs. Juliet II: The Questrist (time-travel/spec-fic) ebook, short novel

Ambrose, an Elizabethan man, his wife Josephine, and their young daughter are called to an important mission in the far future, but something goes terribly wrong. Ambrose must solve a mystery or his family will be lost to him forever. He faces a deadly enemy. The trail leads him back into the past several centuries where Josephine has interfered; changing the direction of an important battle, and therefore Elizabethan England disappears off the map of history. He walks around his home world, unable to reverse things. Could this cause Romeo to leave Juliet forever?

Isanne's Revelation--short story, time travel romance:

Symon de Burgh is a fourteenth-century knight. His wife has taken ill with the Plague, and he is heartbroken. Trapped in the twenty-first century, he is desperate to get back home. He meets an interesting woman who happens to be his only hope, Isanne, an American soldier. She goes back to the fourteenth century with him on a self-dare and is shocked to find that Symon did not lie about where he was from. The trouble is, she can never go back. Symon’s faith has been tested, and he carries serious doubts. But God sometimes answers prayers in highly unusual ways.

The Experiment, a time travel tale back to the Old West. Available with Willow Moon Publishing.

Novelette: Romance:
Jillian is shy and can’t find love. She stumbles upon her descendant’s time machine and is shot back to The Old
West-only to occupy the body of the town belle, an aristocratic and boldly fierce woman. She meets the only man in town who would reject her and she’s going to go for it.

Blurb: (Historical romance)
An American heiress living in 19th century London can fight and uses her talent to go about in disguise as a hero and make the streets safer.  She meets and falls in love with a Viscount, and they become close friends.  They wander the City’s most dangerous streets together, fighting crime.  All the while, she has an enemy who wants her dead.

The Viscount is in love with the American heiress, not knowing that she is the best friend he tells his deepest secrets to.  He proposes marriage, and she turns him down because he would make her give up fighting if he discovered her true identity.They are in for a bumpy ride where true love could be lost forever, under the weight of crushed dreams.

Emma the Outlaw, a Western short story (electronic) out with Eirelander Publishing:

Emma looks down at the crowd from a hanging platform. Her father was framed, and she took the blame for the crime to save him from execution. Where is her beloved husband, Nate?  She looks around and sees her husband on a horse, guns blazing. In a whirlwind rescue, she hops on the back of his horse, and they’re off, realizing that they will spend the rest of their lives as outlaws.

They capture a wanted man and leave him at the doorstep of the sheriff’s office. The sheriff finds Emma and Nate and makes an interesting deal with them: they will capture the bad guys behind the scenes and allow him to take all the credit…this in turn for not being run in. For this couple, ahead lies a life of excitement and passionate love.


Copacetic (a romance set in the year 1924) electronic short story, 23 pages)
Available with The Wild Rose Press

Claire is a woman searching for true love yet at the same time, craves strength and freedom of expression in the year 1924. She is in serious danger from her boyfriend and must in the end, save herself.

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Baby Vamp (second in the Copacetic series) a Vintage, 1920s romance out with The Wild Rose Press (This is not a vampire story!) electronic, short story, 47 pages:

Margaret is quite unlike her twin Claire, a flapper. Margaret is more of an old-fashioned woman, living in 1924. She hopes to someday find true love with a real gentleman and to solve the mystery behind her father’s terrible actions in the past. She meets the man of her dreams but then is forced to make a decision that may break her heart. Discovering the truth about her father changes everything.

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For the Love of a Queen, a post-apocalyptic romance out with The Wild Rose Press (print and ebook novel):
Could a man allow the woman he loves to die in order to save everyone she loves?
Blurb:  In the future war has wiped out four-fifths of the population.  Governments have fallen, and a former covert agent wanders the wilderness with a group lending her skills where she can.  She never expects to be crowned queen for her efforts, and she never dreams she’ll meet the warrior who is truly her match.  He’s handsome, courageous, and good of heart, but at a young age was recruited by the most evil warlord walking the land.  He’s sent in as a spy to bring back the beautiful queen who has killed some of his colleagues.  Shock is in store for him when he meets her.  It becomes impossible for him to bring her back for execution, but he knows if he doesn’t, her people will be slaughtered.  Out of love for her, he may have to in order to save those she cherishes so much.

She finds him talking to her enemy, and he watches while she’s taken captive, not lifting his sword in her defense.  He watches her suffer punishment and in agony can do nothing about it.  This queen and her warrior will battle evil, but will the price be their love or their lives? Surviving the trials of love is one thing, and facing the fiercest warrior of the land is another, but an emerging nation counts on their young queen’s success.

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A Free story up at Long and Short Reviews about life as a kid in the 1970s.
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