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Welcome to author Rachel Dacus

Hello, Rachel, welcome, and congratulations on your book release, The Renaissance Club, a speculative women's fiction piece.

Let's hear about it...


Would you give up everything, even the time in which you live, to be with your soul mate? That's what young art historian and teacher May Gold must decide when she slips through time's folds to meet the man of her dreams and the subject of her master's thesis -- fiery 17th century genius artist Gianlorenzo Bernini.

In her fantasies May is in his arms, the wildly adored partner of the man who steered Renaissance art into the Baroque. In reality, she has just landed in Rome with her stodgy boyfriend and teaching colleagues for a tour of Italy. She yearns to unleash her passion and creative spirit.

When the floor under the gilded dome of St Peter's basilica rocks under her feet, she finds herself in the year 1624, staring straight into Bernini's eyes. Their immediate and powerful attraction grows every time she meets him during the tour. Passion blossoms, but history says they have no future. Can May thread her way through time, and will she take a perilous risk to begin a magical, exciting new life?

This time travel romance is perfect for lovers of Italy, art, and love stories.

Would You Go Time Traveling for Love?
If you would, would you stay in another time for love—giving up everything, even the time in which you live, to be with your soul mate?

That’s the question my main character, May Gold must answer. As a lowly college adjunct teacher without much of a future, she often dreams about the subject of her master’s thesis – 17thcentury genius sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini. In her fantasies she’s in his arms, the wildly adored partner of the man who invented the Baroque. What would she do if she were to really meet this genius in person? When she lands in Rome with a traveling group of her teaching colleagues, she gets the chance to find out.
Time travel, however, is a tricky business. In fiction, there are many ways to go, and many consequences of going. For example, in Outlander, the main complication of time traveling is forming a relationship you can’t leave behind, creating great problems for your present time life. 

In other stories, the problem becomes changing history by wading through it. Little things, like the cherub May asks Bernini to add to a famous monument—what ripple effect would that have on the history of the world as we know it? Might America cease to exist, all because one little ornament was added to a famous sculpture? Or might May herself return to her own time to discover that she doesn’t exist—as herself?

For some of us, traveling through history is an internal affair. It’s as real as the butterflies that I once saw migrating in what must have been the millions, straight through our busy town thoroughfare, tumbling forward around and through their own swarm, as if the cars didn’t exist. Perhaps we have traveled through time that way, without even knowing it. In a certain sense, my heroine May travels back and forth, between her time and Bernini’s, in that way. It happens in a realm that exists within this one, and which is perceptible to us in rare, heart-swelling moments when Truth seems to warrant a capital T.

May Gold and Gianlorenzo Bernini share a present time in a way that happens between people at the most important moments. Call it timeless travel. Anyone who has ever loved has felt it—whether the love is romantic, or for a child, family member, or friend. As Lin-Manuel Miranda put it in his acceptance speech at the Tony Awards, “And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.”

Time travel in fiction is to fold centuries together in surprising ways, to reveal how they echo or oppose each other, and to better understand our own origins. Because time travelers in fiction nearly always return to their own time, the trope implies a comparison between two eras in history, or even between our contemporary time and its potential to spin out into an imagined wonderful, or terrible, future. As in The Time Machine, the reader is meant to learn something about his or her own age and how to better live in it.

****This sounds good to me. I love time travel stories.****

Now for an excerpt...

He lowered the rod and at last, smiled. Historians had written that his smile could charm anyone, but he had never been painted smiling. What a shame. 

“Why are you, a woman, studying my art?” His voice wasn’t deep but it was vibrant, with an Italian lilt. “Women only study languages, lute playing, babies, and needle work.”
“I’m a different kind of woman.” She remembered what a range of women he had known, from models to noblemen’s wives. In his era, women’s decent occupations could be listed in five lines.

“I do not wish to be rude, but because of your sex you cannot study art.”

“I’m an exception.” She enjoyed the way that startled him.

“What are you called?” he demanded.

“My name is May Gold.” 

He bowed. “Signorina May Gold, Cavaliere Bernini is at your service! Your golden skin makes me think you are perhaps from Egypt, where women aren’t properly schooled in manners.” 

She smiled at what he thought would be an insult. “I’m half Italian and half Jewish. And I am a student of your work, despite my sex.”

“How can that be?” 

His superior certainty made the sarcasm pinch, but she knew he couldn’t easily understand. She might as well tell him what he would find unbelievable. “I’m a historian studying Baroque art, and you’re the focus of my study.”

He laughed loudly. “A woman historian? Impossible! And I know nothing of your Baroque. I am merely—” he bowed insincerely “—a genius of sculpture and architecture.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Rachel Dacus is a poet, essayist, and novelist who writes about love and relationships, with a touch of the supernatural. Love and history are the themes of her debut novel, The Renaissance Club, a tale of romance between a young art historian and her hero, the fiery 17th century Italian sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini. Praise for her novel — “enchanting, rich, and romantic” — describes the kinds of love and adventure stories Rachel enjoys, preferably set in exotic places. She has traveled to Italy and India and plans to expand her journeys beyond countries that start with the letter “I”. 

She’s the daughter of a bipolar rocket engineer who worked on missiles during the race-to-space 1950’s. He was also an accomplished painter.

Her interest in Italy was ignited by a course in Renaissance art history that culminated in tour of northern Italy. She’s been hooked on Italy ever since. Her essay on Italy, motherhood, and infertility was anthologized in Italy, a Love Story: Women Write About the Italian Experience. 

Dacus shows off her versatility in four poetry collections. Her newest is Arabesque.Three other collections are: Gods of Water and AirFemme au Chapeau, and Earth Lessons. She raises funds for arts, human service, and healthcare organizations and takes walks with her way-too-smart Silky Terrier. 

Find out more about Rachel Dacus  and The Renaissance Club:

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Goddess Fish Promotions Tenth Anniversary

Welcome to the Goddess Fish Promotions Tenth Anniversary Month Long Celebration!

Who is Goddess Fish Promotions? And what do we do? We're glad you asked!

We didn't want your visit here to be dry and boring, so we decided to have a poetry competition and put what we do into verse. Here are the initial entries:


Roses are Red.
Violets are Blue.
I'm awful at poetry.


We can edit your book
find things you didn't see
It will be fun to look
at the changes from me.

Yeah, for some reason, Judy won!

Even better, her poem is correct. We DO offer editing as one of our options.   Here are a couple of testimonials from clients:

I worked with Marianne on a complete edit and was very happy with the results. Her feedback was clear, easy to follow, and she probed on things I hadn’t thought of. She was also responsive whenever I had questions and helped me work through a few issues. Her feedback and guidance improved the quality of my manuscript, all at a very fair price. I’m working on my next book and plan to use their services again.

-J B Glazer, author, In Search of Mr. Anonymous


Choosing the right editor for a project is incredibly important to an author. Let’s face it, we want the best for our books. When I was considering editors for my first indie-published book, Regenerate, I naturally thought of Goddess Fish Promotions–and I’m so glad I did.

Marianne Arkins and Judy Thomas are incredibly attentive and professional during the entire editing process. Their input was invaluable and the story is much stronger because they cared enough to help unsnarl plot points and find order in the chaos..

I can’t wait to work with them again. Truly, a top-notch editorial team! – Sarita Leone, award-winning author of Regenerate

We also offer Virtual Book Tours, Graphic Design, Social Media Promotion and more. You can see more testimonials here.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little (more information is below) and we'd like to do the same. We'd LOVE to see a little poem that tells us a bit about you in the comments. We'll be awarding random book giveaways and $5 Amazon GCs to some of the best poetry we find. It might not be at every stop, but when something really makes us smile, we'll reward it! Come on, be daring...

And now, more about us:

About Goddess Fish Promotions

Goddess Fish Promotions was established October 14, 2008. Why? Well, when Marianne became a published author and got her the first taste of trying to promote a book on a budget, there was only one other virtual book tour company in place at the time, and their fees were simply too high for a small press author. After coordinating and running her own tour, she knew other authors could use the same service for a reasonable price. Thus, Goddess Fish Promotions was born.

Because both Judy and Marianne were authors and editors prior to running Goddess Fish Promotions, they approach the business with a unique point of view, and treat their clients how they would expect to be treated.

The people behind the fish

Judy Thomas

Judy has a college degree in English and she’s worked in retail, education, at her local library as well as an editor for a small press and for the now defunct ShadowKeep Ezine. She’s also a published author so can see things from both sides of the fence. In 2013, she “retired” and now spends her days helping authors make their dream come true—as well as working as much as she can with her local theater group.

Marianne Arkins

Grammar freak and coffee lover, Marianne wrote her first novel at ten years old, built her first commercial website in 2000, and published for the first time in 2006. She worked as a professional editor for just over a year, and knows what it’s like to write, edit and promote a book on a budget.


How do you spend your free time, if you have any?
Judy: My husband and I like to go to weekend festivals and down to our house on the coast. I also love swimming, reading, and crafts (crochet and cross stitch mostly, but I’ve not had time for those since we started the business). I also love to work with my community’s local theatre -- I had been bitten by the acting bug in high school and college, but then life got in the way. Once I retired from the library, I was able to get back into that.

Marianne:  Gardening now, mostly, and working with the dogs.  We used to be very involved with dog agility with our last dog, and I’d like to do that again. Kenzie is pretty talented in that area. I used to do more craft things, like crochet and scrapbooking, as well as more cooking and baking, but I haven’t done that much since we started the business.  It’s become pretty all-life-encompassing.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
Judy:  A teacher (I taught my younger cousin to read), a writer (creative writing was my favorite class and loved essay questions!!), a librarian (I used to check out my books to my friends).  I’ve been able to work in all those fields and have been incredibly blessed.

Marianne: When I was a tween, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  Then I found out it was eight years of school, plus residency AND I’d have to euthanize pets as part of my job.  All those things took that right off my plate of future jobs.  In high school, I wanted to write and to be an actress.  I was actually successful at both those things at that time, but then real life started and I had to adult.  I never did give up on writing, though, and did it pretty much non-stop since I was about ten.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Judy: At one point in my life, I moved to Brazil - and at the time I didn’t know if I would ever come back to the US.  While I enjoyed living there, it was hard leaving my mom and my oldest daughter in the States.

Marianne: Watch my father die of cancer.  I know that’s not really the type of answer you were looking for, but honestly, the absolute helplessness of watching someone you love die by inches is horrible.

What is your biggest fear?
Judy: I’m not normally a worrier, but in today’s world, I do worry about my kids and grandkids.  I’m not sure what I would do if something happened to them.

Marianne: Losing my daughter.  I don’t know how anyone survives the loss of a child.  

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Welcome to author Charlotte Hubbard

Hello, Charlotte, congratulations on your book release, an inspiration romance called A Simple Christmas.


The rustic beauty of a country Christmas fills the Simple Gifts crafts shop, while the Amish residents of Willow Ridge pull together in uncertain times—and in the face of an unexpected homecoming.

Nora Hooley’s shop is abuzz with preparations for the holiday open house, and Rosalyn Riehl is handcrafting wreaths from evergreen boughs, pinecones, and other natural materials. The work is a welcome diversion for the only unmarried daughter of Cornelius Riehl: her gruff dat has been receiving envelopes marked Past Due, leaving dutiful Rosalyn to manage the household’s inexplicably shrinking budget. Then another distraction swaggers into Simple Gifts—blue-jeaned and leather-jacketed, with a reputation that precedes him.

Marcus Hooley hightailed it to Willow Ridge on a wing and a prayer—not that he’s the praying type. He rejected his Amish roots long ago. But behind the bad-boy attitude is a gifted horse trainer who’s counting on some bent-but-not-broken family ties to throw him a lifeline. He can’t erase his past, but a sparking attraction with strong, spirited Rosalyn holds the promise of a second chance . . . and of shedding light on shadowy secrets to build a bright tomorrow.


As Rosalyn Riehl walked alongside the county highway pulling a cartload of Christmas wreaths, she gazed up at the sky in surprise. When she’d left home a few minutes earlier, the sun was shining but now low, gray clouds were rolling in and the wind picked up—and for a brief moment tiny pellets of hail pelted her.

It’s going to be a tricky winter, she thought. The weather seems as crazy and mixed up as I feel.

Rosalyn adored the holidays—Thanksgiving was only a week away—yet the thought of the approaching winter made her sigh. Her youngest sister Edith lived across the road with her husband, Asa, and their twins, and her younger sister Loretta was sharing the bedroom down the hall with her new husband, Drew, so Rosalyn felt like the odd woman out. All her life she’d longed for a husband and a family, yet at twenty-eight she saw no probability of fulfilling that dream.

Her cheeks tingled when the season’s first snowflakes met her cheeks. It’s a gut thing I have my new job at Simple Gifts to look forward to, Rosalyn thought as she made her way up the hill toward the store housed in a huge red barn. Working for Nora on Wednesdays and Saturdays sure beats dealing with Loretta and Edith’s moony-eyed gazes and happy chatter about being married to the Detweiler twins whenever we’re all together.

It wasn’t that she begrudged her sisters their happiness. She just wanted some of her own.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Charlotte Hubbard is the acclaimed author of Amish romance and fiction that evokes simpler times and draws upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi. Faith and family, farming, and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle—and the foundation of all her novels. A deacon, dedicated church musician and choir member, she loves to travel, read, try new recipes, and crochet. A longtime Missourian, Charlotte now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and their border collie, Vera. 

Please visit Charlotte online at www.CharlotteHubbard.com.


Facebook: Facebook    www.Facebook.com/Charlotte.Hubbard1

Order Ebook

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September 25, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781420138733
ISBN-10: 1420138731

Barnes & Noble:  

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Well to author Tina Hogan Grant

Hello, Tina, and congratulations on your book release, Reckless Beginnings, a women's fiction story, based on true event.

Let's hear about it:

Tammy Mellows, a fourteen-year-old native of England, was shocked when her father and troubled older sister, Donna, moved to the States.

With her family now separated by divorce and divided by an ocean, Tammy felt helpless when she learned Donna had run away and couldn’t be found.

Thanks to her father insisting she stay behind in England to finish school, Tammy could do nothing for the next three years but pray that Donna would be found safe.

When Tammy’s lifelong dream of moving to the States was finally fulfilled, she had high hopes of looking for Donna. But with no leads and faced with turmoil in her own life, there wasn’t much Tammy could do.

After a forbidden secret love affair and a catastrophic dispute with her father, Tammy eventually meets Steven, settles down and has his child, only to discover he is a heroin addict. Thrown into a life of drugs and violence. Shadowed by his addiction, she becomes the silent and forgotten one. Living in fear of what Steven might be capable of and struggling alone to provide for her young son.

What consequences might she face if she leaves Steven? Is she ever going to find her sister alive? Will she have enough courage to conquer the impossible challenges of her twisted world and still come out on top?

“What do you mean she’s gone, John?”

Who was gone? Tammy wondered.

Her mother became angry. “She can’t just disappear, John! Someone must know where she is!”

Glued to the railings, Tammy was dying to know who and what they were talking about.

Then her mother began to cry hysterically while she held the phone tight and screamed into it, “She’s still a child, John. She’s just seventeen. You should never have put her in that home! She isn’t an object you can just discard because she’s in your way. She’s your daughter!”  

Tammy remembered how her heart sank to the floor when she suddenly realized they were talking about Donna. Her sister had run away and was now missing. She wanted to race down the stairs and snatch the phone from her mother’s hands and ask her father WHY? Why had he put her in that awful place?

Donna had written a letter to Tammy and Jenny, telling them how much she hated being in the home. How no one wanted her anymore and she was going to run away. Frightened by what she had read, Tammy showed the letter to their mother. As upset as she was by both the letter and the fact that Donna had written to her sisters and not her, Rose never believed Donna would actually run away. “I’m sure she’ll be okay. She just needs time to adjust. It’s all new to her. We have to trust your father’s judgment. He said this would be good for her. I have to believe that. She is a very troubled young girl and needs help,” her mother had told her. But she had run away, and now no one knew where she was.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tina Hogan Grant was born in England and grew up in a small town on the Yorkshire Moors. She is the youngest daughter of science fiction author, James P. Hogan. After moving to California, she became a commercial lobster fisherwoman, fishing off the coast of Southern California for ten years with her husband Gordon.

For fourteen years, she’d had a notion of writing her debut novel “Reckless Beginnings”. But it wasn’t until the sudden death of her father in 2010 and a battle with breast cancer a year later that she made the decision to get it done. Seven years later, she finally completed it. She is now working on a sequel titled,  “Better Endings.” 

She currently resides with her husband in the small mountain community of Frazier Park in Southern California. Together they enjoy anything that involves the outdoors, fishing, hiking, kayaking and riding quads.

Website: www.tinahogangrant.com
Buy Links may be found here: https://tinahogangrant.com/tina-hogan-grant-press-kit-book-reckless-beginnings/

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Welcome to author Nan Reinhardt

Hello, Nan, and congratulations on your book release, Christmas with You. Giveaway contest:  This post is part of a virtual book t...