Sunday, September 24, 2017

Welcome to author Judith Vido

Hello, Judith, welcome to my blog! I am so pleased to feature you here. Congratulations on the release of your new autobiography, SO YOU HAD A DULL LIFE TOO: DIRT WOMAN AND OTHER MEN I'VE KNOWN. What an exciting story. I've read it. 
So, tell us a little about it and yourself:

Currently I am still invited to speak at Virginia Commonwealth University to the MSW classes about being blind and living with diabetes. It's exciting to think I am touching the minds of so many young people.
Soon I'll be performing again with the Senior Connections Choral Group.

Hurrah!the day has finally come. My biography is now ready for all of you at Amazon!
the paperback edition of "So You Had A Dull Life Too: Dirt Woman and Other Men I've Known" is live in the Amazon Store and available for purchase now!If you prefer ebook it is also at the Kindle Store.
Now, go out there and make me a best selling Amazon author!

About the author: 
Judith E. Vido lives in Richmond, Virginia. This is her first work of non-fiction. She enjoys singing, reading and talking to the crazy crow that visits when she sits outside. (So much for all those years of therapy.)
. She attained her own BS in psychology and went on to a masters in clinical social work during the late eighties. Her best friend and beloved companion, Aleksander, the black wonder cat is always at hand to assist in reading emails and writing her books.  (Well, he tries anyway.)

Thanks, Judith, and good luck with those sales. 

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