Sunday, June 3, 2012

Books around the world: England

The Man Who Turned Into Himself was written by David Ambrose, a British author. This is a supernatural story, one of those that makes you think. The main character, Rick, arrives at the scene of a car crash and watches his wife die. Before he knows it, he travels to an alternate universe where his wife is still alive, but things are strange. His consciousness is in the body of his counterpart, but the man is not so much like him.

When Rick opens up to his wife about his situation, she has him committed. Rick, now Richard, meets an interesting psychologist named Emma. He wonders whether or not he can trust Emma with the truth.

This book is full of suspense and sci-fi concepts like alternative universes, but the presentation is more in the style of a fantasy. There are twists and turns and deep, fundamental questions to ponder--an interesting book.

Welcome to author Anne Holster

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