Wednesday, March 28, 2012

murder mystery book review

Splattered Blood is a fast-paced murder mystery by author Michael A. Draper.
A man named Johnny used to work for the state police then became security chief for a professional basketball team. When he’s murdered, his wife, her brother, and a friend decide to do some investigating of their own. Roseanne, Graham, and Randy start digging to get information, and they run into plenty of trouble.

Certain players on the basketball team become victims in one way or another. Is the team cursed? Why would so many bad things happen to this team?

The investigation raises the stakes as more and more terrible things happen; more people die.

There’s a sense of immediacy to the writing style, the present tense. It’s a suspenseful tale, and the characters are well written. A reader can really sympathize with them and worry for them as they come across interesting clues and fall into a world where danger stalks them.

They cooperate with the police and get basketball players to help out. The tension is high, and there is lots of action. It’s gritty and realistic, and surprises arise as the story races toward an exciting ending. Fan of thrilling murder mysteries should give this book a try.

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