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Please welcome author Skhye Moncrief

Hello, Skhye, and thank you for agreeing to do the interview. First, could you introduce yourself and talk about your work? What time-travel fiction have you written or are in the process of writing?

Hi, Laura. Thank you for inviting me over. My Time Guardian series is about two sects from the future who intermarry in order to travel through time and safeguard history--one sect sports kilts, the other Druid robes. I'm kind of geeky scientific in that I'm formally educated in geology and bioarchaeology. So, I had to set up a series that allowed me to write about when and wherever I felt like writing. So, my series spans the time from the first monolith's erection to whenever the future may land a tale. My available titles include a medieval Irish setting, a medieval Cumberland setting, a futuristic on earth, a futuristic offworld, and many set in present day Scotland. I should add that often the characters begin in one time period, travel to another, but end up in a third--and I'm told I handle the transitions well. The series is based on what appears to be Celtic legend but often brings in gods from other mythologies. What else would an evil anthropologist do? My King Arthur is a time-traveling shape-shifting dragon...

What are your favorite time destinations and why? My anthropological specialization in bioarchaeology should answer this question: I live in the past. :) I like everything from early hominids forward. And since I have this strange fascination with natural and cultural ecology, I like all settings including speculation of the future. So, let's just say the sky's the limit with my scrawlings. :)

Where is your work available? My titles are at as well as,, and

What got you interested in the genre? For how long have you been a fan, and who are your favorite authors of time-travel fiction? Karen M. Moning was someone whose work fascinated me when I first began writing. But I really did live in the past long before writing romance, i.e. reading historical romances and works like The Clan of the Cave Bear. Add in my fascination with Star Trek since it first aired when I was a young child and my formal education, and, voila, writing time travel romance just seemed natural.

What mechanisms do you use for time-travel? Do they vary from story to story? In my series, the Orders use runes, astro-folklore, post-Modern alchemy, and sacred marriage while hoping the fairies kick in the rest of what's needed to travel across time and space. The male members have a time-travel key, i.e. fairy-forged sword. Yes, it's a very complicated system, mechanically. But I try to reveal a different aspect of time travel in each tale.

What type of research do you do for the genre? Where do you find your sources? Since I am known as the geeky blogger who blogs about reference books, let's just say I use books I've collected from geology & anthropology courses, as well as researching to crack the great mystery of numerology/astrology/Tarot/etc (to understand how people in the past thought). Literature courses are my friend. And I am always on the hunt for another great bargain at library sales, thrift stores, used-book stores, and bargain bins. is a godsend...

Everyone is invited to stop by to sift through my back log of Reference Book posts. And where would I be if the History Channel didn't air The History of Concrete? Okay, I admit I know who invented it... But it's a great documentary, nonetheless.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Thank you, Laura! And remember Ghandi's words: "Be the change you want to see in the world." I believe that's my motto when writing. ;) ~Skhye

Again, thank you so much for your input. Good luck with your writing!
-laura h.
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"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~Ghandi

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