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Welcome to author A.J. MaGuire

Welcome, A.J., and congratulations on your book release, Usurper.

Let's hear a little about it:
Yanked out of exile by an unorthodox blood mage and her 

assassin husband, Trenna and Nelek Dyngannon must find a way 

to keep their children safe amid pirates and magic and a family at

war. In a desperate bid to rescue their homeland, Nelek and 

Trenna find that they must risk family, love, and their children’s 

safety in the fight for freedom.


He could throw his stiletto at her, the one located just under his right sleeve. It was the same weapon he’d used to pin Troy down, so it hadn’t been properly reattached yet. 
Was his name Troy? Faxon hadn’t been paying close enough attention to their names to know for sure, but he was mostly certain he had it right. It started with a “T,” that much he could remember because he’d immediately associated the boy with Trenna out of sheer laziness. 
Troy and Trenna, he thought. Double Ts. 
Troy and Trenna tried traipsing through town with a trembling, troublesome troupe. Terrified travelers trumpeting their… 
Gods, he needed to stop. 
He felt a tic in his cheek, just under his left eye, and twisted his wrist just enough to access his stiletto. The skin-warmed blade came free of its hook and slid down until he stopped it with the palm of his hand.
Keeping his body turned, he tried to gauge their faces, gingerly running his thumb along the sharp edge. None of the small family in front of him seemed to have noticed the move, or if they had they were remarkably good about hiding their alarm. He frowned at them, wondering why in gods they seemed so confident. 
Oh, they were tense to be sure, but they weren’t frightened. It was almost insulting. 
They were a motley looking bunch, never mind that most of them were related. Troy in particular stood out with his mess of red hair and blunter features. His nose had stopped bleeding, which was a good thing, since he’d stopped blotting it with the handkerchief once the attack began. The girl, who had been advancing with her cutlass drawn, stood beside the boy, openly scowling at Faxon, so he sent her a little wink and grinned when she went to take a step toward him. 
Fighter, he thought, just as Troy grabbed her arm, holding her in place. He hissed something too low for Faxon to hear but he imagined it was some kind of warning. 
Nelek glanced at his daughter—there was no denying that parentage—and held tighter to the hilt of his sword. Faxon ran his tongue along his teeth and thought, that’s more like it. 
But Nelek was too controlled to make the first move here. If Faxon wanted action, he would have to poke at someone else.
“You used to be better company, Trenna,” Faxon said and calculated the angle he would need when he threw his stiletto. 
So many targets, which one should he pick? 
Trenna remained poised with her dagger at Bree’s throat, eyeing him with clear warning. “It’s been a very long time. I’ve lost my sense of humor.” 
“Pity,” he said. “Your humor was one of the things I loved best about you.” 
“Drop the act, Faxon. There’s no love lost between us.” 
“You wound me!” he said with a smirk. “We were friends once, weren’t we?” 
“Once, yes,” she conceded. “A very long time ago. But we have changed since. I have changed.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Welcome to author Elaine Cantrell

Hello, Elaine, welcome, and congratulations on your new book release, Turnaround Farm, a contemporary romance. 

If up and coming realtor Holly Grant can buy Turnaround Farm for her client, her business will boom. Who says you have to have a man in your life to complete you? She’s fine as she is thank you very much. Her first problem is that Jeb Wakefield doesn’t want to sell, and her second problem is Jeb’s grandson Dan, the finest looking man Holly’s ever seen.

Your cousin may be the only famous Lane in your family, but I know of at least one more who turned out all right.” 
“Who’s the other one?” 
Dan’s face burned. Wow, he hadn’t expected that. Holly’s face looked as red as his felt, and she refused to look at him. 
Her flushed face put his discomfort to flight. He took her in his arms and kissed her just as he’d longed to do all morning. As he raised his lips from hers, Holly’s eyes fluttered open. Dan’s breath caught in his throat at the stirring of passion in those beautiful blue eyes. Could she really want someone like him? He had nothing to offer her. 
This did not seem like the time for questions or doubt. With a sound low in his throat, Dan’s mouth came down on hers. Boldly, he ran his hand down her side to her hip. When his fingers splayed across her buttocks, she started to tremble. And oh, glory be! She pressed herself against him and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. 

Her scene setting shone through, as her mixture of wide open spaces and small country town meshed and melded together vividly. 
There are twists and turns, broken dreams, and unfulfilled wishes, which the author weaves together with the finesse of the finest lace-maker. 
Do not be fooled but the description of ‘Sweet Romance’, Ms. Cantrell offers you a hard-edged family story with passion and romance, but for those who enjoy a story with the sex ‘behind closed doors,’ Turnaround Farm is one well worth adding to your TBR list.
Sherry Gloag
Author of No Job For a Woman

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Book Review Midnight Girl by Nora LeDuc

Hello, I was given a free book, a Mystery/Romantic Suspense called Midnight Girl, written by Nora LeDuc to read for an honest review.

GIVEAWAY: Nora LeDuc will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Blurb: When a teenager mysteriously disappears in Hawick Falls, New Hampshire, Lisa Raynes fears her kidnapper, who recently escaped from prison, is hunting girls again. She also believes he’s targeted her for his next victim when she receives a threatening message. To add to her problems, her ex-boyfriend Travis Bodell, nephew of her captor, shows up in town. Five years ago, he promised to love Lisa forever, but he left her to start a new life. Trusting him was a mistake she will never repeat. 

Bad boy Travis Bodell has a history of run-ins with the law. The police suspect he came back to aid his uncle, not to warn Lisa she’s in danger. With the investigation going nowhere, Travis focuses on Lisa who identifies with the missing teen and wants to find her. To keep Lisa safe, he offers to help her search. She refuses until loving memories of their past surface, and she finally accepts his proposal. Working together arouses strong feelings of attraction that neither will admit.

As time runs out for the kidnap victim, disturbing threats against Midnight Girl, Lisa’s online name, grow. She realizes the only way to stay alive is to open her heart and put her faith in Travis, but can she let go of her doubts and lingering hurt? Can the couple join forces and win against a cunning criminal fueled by hate?

“Let’s go.” He dug out a four-inch black flashlight from his pocket and turned it on. He threaded his fingers through hers.

The simple action felt intimate and personal, but she didn’t have time to react. He was leading her forward. Sticks and twigs crunched beneath their feet. They ducked under branches. 

The blackness closed around them. She struggled to inhale and exhale calmly. 

I’m fine. She angled her head upward, seeking the starlight.

Suddenly, her shoe caught in a hole. She lost her balance. 

Travis tightened his grip and reached under her elbow to steady her. “You okay?”

The hooting of an owl answered. 

She wet her dry lips. “Super.”

They walked until the trees thinned. An overgrown field lay ahead. A shrill scream sent quivers shooting through her.

“What was that?” She blinked, staring over her shoulder into the pines. “Was something or someone under attack?”

“Red fox. You must have heard one before.” 

“Not that I recall. Though as long as it’s not Seth, I’m good.” 

He released her hand and tramped to the edge of a field. “My uncle’s main hiding place was around here somewhere.”

“Somewhere?” She tightened her lips to keep them from quaking.

“I’ll find it.” He paced a few feet into the meadow of shrubs, knee-high gras, and waved her forward.

“Found it by the large oak. He pointed to a towering tree bordering the forest. Its limbs seemed to hover just beneath the sky now a mixture of stars and clouds.

My Review: 
Midnight Girl   by Nora Leduc 

This is book four of the Love & Mystery in the 6-oh-3 series

Midnight Girl is an enjoyable read with likeable characters. The book starts out with the damaged couple, Lisa and Travis. They once dated, and it’s clear they still care about each other. Their interaction is pained but tender and makes the two engaging. She denies him, at first, but there are sparks between them.

Lisa’s danger is immediate, as is Travis’. Lisa’s internal struggle to get beyond the tragic past and see the good in the world comes through well in the writing. The reader is sure to sympathize with her and Travis, who have both been wronged. Travis has his own troubled past to deal with. He has also been hurt and got into trouble as a teenager. Consequently, others judge him harshly. Lisa wonders if she can trust him. Their introspection is insightful, and readers will wonder about things right along with them.

They still have feelings for each other. Should they get back together? Lisa sees too many risks with that. 

The romance is weaved beautifully around the main action, the search for a kidnapped girl. Around that is the constant threat to Lisa and Travis. Someone is out to get them. It’s ironic that Lisa takes a lot of chances with her own life searching for clues for the missing girl when her former kidnapper is out there and means her harm. At least she brings protection with her.

When she starts really cooperating with Travis, things really get interesting and complicated.

The chief of police is annoying, harassing Travis just because he’s related to Seth, the antagonist of the story. Luckily, even he will achieve some personal growth. Other secondary characters play important roles and bring in some unexpected surprises.

The emotions are well-written. One can feel the fear or the tortured love of the main characters, can feel their frustration. There is sensuality between Lisa and Travis finally and moments of humor. Their relationship matures because of what they go through together. Each grows as a person, and that affects them as a couple.

There are enough twists and turns to keep a reader guessing all the way to the satisfying end. For an exciting story with characters you’ll love, this one is a keeper. 
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nora grew up in rural New England and still lives here. She has enjoyed combining my love of true crime shows with her imagination to produce romantic suspense and mysteries that you keep you guessing.

You can find Nora on her website:
Facebook: Nora LeDuc-author