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Welcome to author Jennifer Macaire

Hello, Jennifer, congratulations on the new book release!

I was happy to receive a free review copy and will put my honest opinion here.

My thoughts:

This is another amazing installment in the Time For Alexander Series, full of adventure, drama, and exotic ancient settings. 
One would get more out of Storms over Babylon if they had read the earlier books in the series, but this story is understandable without them. The complicated romantic relationships might be a little hard to understand though, if this is the first book in the series read.

Ashley, the time traveler who has gone back thousands of years and has married Alexander the Great, and her husband are touring his kingdom with the army. He has less than two years left to live, and she wants to save him, damn the consequences.

They sometimes have philosophical conversations about literature, and then it gets real, about them and their lives. Mundane details are interesting like using moldy bread to save an injured soldier. Her modern point of view is capable of being cute or funny.

Tension rises, and they head toward Babylon where their son would be and where Alexander would die.

Readers are treated to a great look into the cultures of the Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks, etc. of the era. For example, the Greeks were mad that Alexander was pretending to be a god for the Persians, and this gives us a view into the clash of values. Strains between cultures appear causing unrest. How will Alexander handle this? Natural disasters such as a flood hit the camp, worsening the situation. Readers are inspired to keep turning pages to find out. Ashley and Alexander deal with the people up close and personal after such losses, building up their characters. The story, therefore, is realistic and sad but not overwhelming.

Troubles of traveling in the desert and getting lost occur. One might have read the historical accounts of Alexander. Or not, but this brings the idea home of how difficult it was for him and his people to do their exploits. We learn more about him as a man, assuming the author wrote his character true to the historical accounts, based on what we know.  It inspires readers to like him more. 

Alexander is treated like a conquering hero when they arrive at new places, consolidating his kingdom, giving more of an understanding of the past, in an entertaining way.

Some of the sex is explicit but not overdone. There is open-door sex, but not graphic. Earlier books in the series were more explicit in their descriptions. Sexual morals were different back then. More was accepted casually, so if a reader is offended over sexual relations beyond the normal that take place between married couples, this might not be the book to read. The different romantic situations, though not typical for many from our modern-day perspective, are still written with a sense of respect and integrity. The values of the day may have been different than ours, but the author makes them make sense within the context of the story. 

There are situations with multiple wives/husbands, and people worshiping Alexander even though he killed their sons in battle, etc. Ashley does her best to adopt to this and generally is successful. Her struggles though are understandable. Ashley’s way of handling the day-to-day reality shows her humanity. She knows a dear friend is to die soon. Can she save him? Readers hear the ticking clock.

When it comes to Alexander’s impending death, he tells Ashley that he will accept fate and not try to cheat it. She has a major problem with this and plans to interfere anyway. There is great suspense throughout the book. There are emotional ups and downs with the relationships. Trouble escalates. How will Ashley get out of this mess? Locked in the palace until her baby is born? Then she couldn’t save her friend or Alexander.

When the scene of Alexander’s final illness arrives, readers are desperate to know what’s going to happen. Ashley doesn’t have the cure, and Alexander is getting sicker by the moment. She may just have to accept fate. The scene where she deals with this is inventive.

This is an enjoyable read, one I’m glad I found. It fits in nicely with the series.

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From the scorching plains of Persia to the opulent city of Babylon, Ashley and Alexander continue their sensuous and passionate journey through history. Alexander the Great is now king of Persia and Greece but his reign will be short. Time-travelling Ashley knows when her husband will die. She's determined to cheat Fate and save Alexander and her children, even if it brings the gates of time crashing down. Following Alexander on a tour of his new kingdom, she plans her moves and bides her time. She must, however, convince Alexander to abandon his crown and his kingdom.

Read an Excerpt:

We had two weeks of marching through arid land before we came to Bampur. The most difficult part of our journey was over.

We’d lost more than five thousand souls in the desert. We arrived in tatters, deeply shocked by all the men, women and children who’d perished. We were relieved to be in a place where sweet water flowed in abundance and the grass grew green. It was like a rebirth, like arriving in paradise, and to top everything off the whole city had turned out to greet Alexander, conquering hero, and king of the world.

Alexander, conquering hero! The people lined the streets. They sat on the rooftops and were already hoarse from cheering by the time we were near enough to hear them.

Alexander, king of the world! Flowers fell like rain, wine flowed like rivers, the soldiers were feted and acclaimed, and Alexander’s name was on everyone’s lips. He had returned to his kingdom and the city, like a bride, opened her arms to him.

It was heady stuff for a man suddenly to realize that this was the summit of his glory. He had been fighting for so long that he’d forgotten why. He’d been struggling to reclaim a crown and consolidate a kingdom and now that it was done, suddenly, here it was. Here was his kingdom. It was just the edge, but it was here, and the people were weeping, screaming, and swooning when they saw him.

Even I, who had seen one of the ancient newsreels of the Beatles arriving in America, was impressed. The Beatles were an old hat compared to Alexander. These people had no television either. They had been waiting for months for a glimpse of the young king.

Here he was, and, by the gods! He was young! He was handsome! He waved and grinned and cried. His hair was bleached pale gold, his skin was burned deep brown, his eyes glittered blue and brown, and they were huge in his starving face. His purple cape was in tatters, but the mayor of the city gave him a new one. He wore the crown of Darius on his noble head and he carried the spear of a cavalry officer. His men had polished their bronze weapons until they shone in the red setting sun like drops of blood. The horses, wild with the scent of grass and water whinnied and screamed at the crowds, and the crowds screamed back.

Everyone cried, everyone laughed. It was our first homecoming and we were drunk within seconds with the ecstasy of ‘Nostos’, the return. We drank from the cups held out by every hand towards us. The men all had purple mouths and staggered drunkenly by the time we left the city and headed towards the encampment, but Alexander was drunk on glory. His eyes were brilliant and his color hectic. His face burned with fever and he had no voice left to speak.

About the Author:

Jennifer Macaire lives in France with her husband, three children, & various dogs & horses. She grew up in upstate New York, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. After graduation in St. Thomas, she moved to NYC where she modeled for five years for Elite. She went to France and met her husband at the polo club. All that is true. But she mostly likes to make up stories.

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Welcome to author Tanya Anne Crosby

Hello, Tanya. Congratulations on your new book release, The King's Favorite.

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Fearing her “gifts” will be used to defeat her sister Matilda, Elspeth escapes the Black Mountain priory that has sheltered them since their father's death, only to find herself indebted to, of all men, a Scotsman, whose loyalties are in question...

Excerpt:  Bolting in a direction he would never have led her—into a thick cloud of fog—Merry Bells hurled over a low-lying bush, and even before Malcom could think to ask how she could possibly know such a thing, they stepped outside the curtain of fog, under a bright spring sky. Stunned though he might be, he knew they hadn’t time to waste. The barking grew frenzied as he urged Merry Bells into a full canter.

“Thank you,” she said, and Malcom felt her shiver.
Feeling strangely protective over the lass, he slid an arm about her waist.

By damn, like his Da, he must be a bloody fool for a lady in distress because he knew beyond a shadow of doubt, as they flew over brush and bracken, that he wouldn’t give the girl up, no matter how many Welshmen’s arrows were trained at his back. They could riddle him with holes and he would take his last breath defending her. He wasn’t about to leave her to whatever fate those men intended to deliver. Leaving the barking and chorus of shouts in their wake, Merry Bells swallowed the ground that rose to greet them, and soon enough, the woodlands gave way to moorlands, the Welsh countryside vanished before England. All the prideful words that had been spoken between them were cast aside like dust in their wake.

About the Author:

Tanya Anne Crosby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty novels. She has been featured in magazines, such as People, Romantic Times and Publisher's Weekly, and her books have been translated into eight languages. Her first novel was published in 1992 by Avon Books, where Tanya was hailed as "one of Avon's fastest rising stars." Her fourth book was chosen to launch the company's Avon Romantic Treasure imprint.

Known for stories charged with emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters Tanya is an award-winning author, journalist, and editor, and her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. She and her writer husband split their time between Charleston, SC, where she was raised, and northern Michigan, where the couple make their home.

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