Monday, January 22, 2018

Welcome to author Yvonne Crowe

Hello, Yvonne, and congratulations on your new book, a thriller called Beyond Jerusalem. Let's hear a little about it:


Nicolina Fabiani and David Baron team up once again to save Jerusalem from itself.

Now David is faced with an impossible choice.
Duty on the one hand, love on the other.
What choice will he make?

In the Eternal struggle for Palestine, David wages war, and Lina the journalist, covers it.

**Sounds interesting! Now for an Excerpt:

With his arms and legs secured to a metal chair, he was at the mercy of his captors and they were not in a benign mood.

A soldier on either side, dressed in army fatigues untied him, then dragged him down a flight of stairs and along a long narrow tunnel.

Into a corridor painted green with low iron doors on either side. Solid bolts securing them shut.

About the Author:

I am a successful writer who enjoys writing provocative mystery/thriller novels including the popular Nicolina Fabiani series.

When I am not living out little princesses' fantasies and puzzling over teenage boys' take on life I create fantasies for adults, armed with nothing more than an active imagination, a great deal of research and a burning interest in other people's cultures and their countries

Living in New Zealand, which is about as far away from the world's hubs as one can get, I love travelling to places to find ideas and characters for my novels.

Please open your minds and hearts to events we don't understand and are currently overwhelming us. Check out my latest topical novel: BEYOND JERUSALEM

HELP SOMEONE WITH CANCER. Check out my story of how I beat this dreadful disease which kills hundreds of thousands of women worldwide every year:

I had a run in with Stage 4 breast cancer, but chose to treat this successfully with a natural therapy. No surgery and no chemotherapy. I have been cancer free now for five years.

**(I'm very glad to hear that, Yvonne!)

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Book review for Wraith by Gwenan Haines

Wraith is a fantasy story by Gwenan Haines. I was given a free review copy. 


Sixteen years ago, Kira Chiklak’s mother promised her a miracle on Christmas morning. Instead, she woke to the news her brother was gone forever. The Alaskan pilot’s dreams have always told her the future but have never revealed the secrets of her past.

Now Kira’s dreams are warning her another child in Amarok is in danger of meeting the same fate as her brother. As Kira races to save Annie Michaels’ life she comes to believe her past and Annie’s future are inextricably linked.

The last thing Hunter Jackson expects to do during Spring Break is unravel a mystery. When Kira asks for his assistance, he can’t refuse her request. But can he help her protect Annie when his own heart is at risk?


Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if I hadn’t. If I’d kept my nose buried in that menu in search of a dish I couldn’t pronounce. But I didn’t. I looked up and saw Annie hanging onto the banister as she descended the stairs that led to the Michaels’ apartment. She clung to the hand of a girl I guessed was her babysitter as the two of them made their way across the room toward the kitchen. Annie wore a pink fleece footie sleeper and her auburn hair hung loose around her face. I think that’s what pushed me over the edge. She looked so damn

innocent. I pushed my chair back from the table and grabbed the wolf hat out of my jacket pocket.

Hunter’s eyes darkened. “What are you doing?”

“Be right back.”

“Kira, don’t.”

“I have to. I’m sorry.”

Before I could stop myself, I stood up and set off after Annie and the babysitter. They were waiting outside the kitchen doors. Annie was staring at the doors as if she were waiting for her mom to breeze through them, like she always did. The babysitter’s eyes flitted across the restaurant, looking for people she recognized. Then she turned back toward Annie and smiled down at her.

Liv appeared just as I reached Annie and the sitter. Her eyes locked onto mine and even Annie could read the warning there. Stay away from my child.

MY Review: 
Kira is an interesting character. She has the unusual job of delivering supplies to nearby towns by plane. She also has a special talent: psychic dreams. Add this to an exotic setting in a cozy Alaskan town. 

The story starts out with the suspense of her missing brother, gone since he was a small child.  Now Kira is having dreams about another child of the same age, and they're not good. The dreams foresee a little girl's disappearance. Kira knows this family. When she tries to warn the parents about what she saw in her dreams, they do not react well. 

Kira has a sexy friend named Hunter who believes her, but a mother who is lost to her. Each of these characters brings out different sides of Kira, filling out her characterization nicely. 

Suspense builds as Kira keeps dreaming of the child's impending disappearance. What can she do when the parents won't take her seriously? 

Supernatural elements are interweaved in this tale adding to the suspense and exotic nature of the story.There is an Inuit legend about ghosts stealing children away. Will Kira have to deal with this kind of issue as well? The mystery deepens.

The clock is ticking. Will Kira reach her goals of finding her missing brother and preventing this other child from disappearing? It does not seem likely. 

Hunter tells Kira there is something she must see. What he shows her is surprising and sparks a vision for her. The vision puts her in a difficult position. What should she do with it? 

Tragedy strikes. The child Kira predicted would go missing does. How do the parents react toward Kira? Some may see that coming, but others might expect the opposite reaction. At any rate, Kira has mere hours to save the child's life.

This story is a real page turner with a well-defined main character and useful secondary characters that complement Kira or add to the mystery of the plot. 

Important issues are dealt with and answered, but the end of the story seems to be leading to a continuation. There are some unanswered questions that inspire a reader to pick up the next segment of the story. It is a short, intriguing adventure, well worth reading. Highly recommended. 
Author bio and links:

Gwenan Haines lives in New England with her daughter and a Siberian husky born on Halloween. She’s been hooked on suspense ever since her mom read her an old Nancy Drew mystery when she was five years old. She also loves romance and fantasy. Her paranormal novella, WRAITH, and novel, SHIFT, the first two installments in the SHADOW WORLD series, are under contract with Wild Rose Press's fantasy line. When she’s not plotting her newest mystery, she teaches community college and writes lots of poetry.


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