Saturday, October 10, 2009

Please welcome author J.A. Saare

Hello, Jaime, I love your work and am happy to have you here. Thanks for doing the interview.

Hey Laura!
Thank you for having me on your blog today to talk about my newest novella. I always enjoy chatting with you. *smile* You asked for a little mini bio, but honestly, I’m not sure what to say. Nothing ruins the illustrious illusion of grandeur faster than the truth. But I suppose there’s no help for it. The simple answer is that I’m a mom to four. I have a husband that rocks my socks. And I write when I can find the time. I know, I know. Exciting, right?
Now, to something that is vastly more interesting, Soft As Moonlight, an erotic paranormal romance, with werewolves, vampires, and a bit of magic! I wanted to write something that bordered on urban fantasy, while forcing myself to write in a third person narrative. It was an amazing experience, and really helped me get inside the minds of the characters.
I’ve included two excerpts for you today, naughty and nice. I hope you enjoy them!
Lycae Wolfe Trevlian returns to New Orleans after a lengthy self imposed absence with one goal–to appease the vampyren harboring a grudge against his kin so he can leave as soon as possible. Bitter memories linger in the Big Easy, memories best left in the past. Fortunately, the agreement with the vampyren is simple–destroy the creature killing off their brethren, and the death of their Master is forgiven.
Dhampir Arden Moran has waited two decades to avenge the murder of her friend by destroying the vampyren King Lucius Mercoix, and years of dedication and patience are about to pay off. She tracks down the human slave to the King, intending to uncover where Lucius rests. There is just one enormous problem she wasn't prepared for–the breathtakingly gorgeous Lycae sent to intercept her.
One touch is all it takes for Wolfe to ascertain that Arden is his mate, and he vows to kill anyone or anything that attempts to harm the beautiful half-human, half-vampire female. When the vampyren hire assassins to finish the job he didn't complete, he is forced to face and overcome the devastating scars of a past betrayal in order to become an Alpha Lycae strong enough to protect his mate - as well as the pack that needs him.
Excerpt #1:
Wolfe turned and watched the battle unfold. One of the vampyren moved close and the female seized the opportunity, lurching into him and then whipping behind his back. Her hand latched onto his jaw, and she forced his head up and back. The dagger severed the tissue and muscle easily. She released the body, dropped the head, and crouching down and breathing shallow, went back to work.
The two remaining vampyren went for guns in their jackets, but she interrupted them with gunfire of her own, sliding the daggers into the sheaths on her legs and retrieving the guns tucked against her ribs in the same smooth motion. She stood tall to unleash hell’s fury into thick heads and spongy torso’s.
Bullets whizzed past her and she ducked behind an alley for cover, reappearing in seconds with fresh clips and more gunfire.
“What the hell is she?” he whispered, awestruck and fascinated.
Taylor removed a handkerchief from his pocket, padded his nose, and spoke scathingly through the thin material. “She’s an outcast, unwanted by either race that bore her.”
Wolfe’s jaw clenched and he stared at the vampyren slave through narrowed eyes. “She moves like a vampire and fights like the Thymeria.”
“That’s probably because she was a member of the human faction. But that was years ago. As for being vampire—”
Wolfe stopped listening as he was forced to intercept the oncoming female in question. The remaining vampyren were down and squirming weakly atop the blocked concrete, and she was homed in on one person he didn’t particularly care for himself —Taylor.
Damn it. Subduing an unwilling female wasn’t how he envisioned his first night back in New Orleans. He had wanted to relax with decent food and even better music. Not engage in a scuffle with a tiny girl that just put the beat down on four vampyren.
Should be thanking her for the community fucking service.
“Get the hell out of here,” he snarled at Taylor and stepped forward.
If she was intimidated by his much larger size, it didn’t show. She never slowed in her trek, releasing the clip in her sidearm with a flick of her thumb and sending it dancing along the asphalt. Her free hand wound behind her back in the same motion and returned with a new, fully loaded clip. She swiftly slammed the cartridge into the gun and locked it in place with her palm.
She was forced to peer up as she moved forward, and he finally got a glimpse of her eyes. The irises were a deep hued blue, as dark and vast as the clearest midnight sky. And the threat glimmering inside those devastating, beautiful orbs was exacting.
“Out of my way, Lycae.”
Her soft voice was like brandished velvet against his spine, causing his skin to ripple and the hair on his arms to rise in recognition. The bones in his body seemed to thrum, along with something else that had lain dormant his entire life. He shook his head hard and faced the furious female with the voice of a siren, the face of an angel, and the body of a goddess.
“I can’t do that.”
“Of course you can,” she purred, lifted the gun, and cocked the hammer for added effect.
Christ, but she’s ballsy.
Mindful of the shiny obsidian sidearm, he reminded her softly, “Bullets don’t work on us, cher.”
“Sure they do.” Her voice was husky and slightly accented, as lullingly sweet as the honeysuckle radiating from her skin. “If they’re made of silver.”
He stepped forward and was rewarded with a bitch of a sting in his chest, followed immediately by another. The excruciating burn that accompanied the sharp bite scoring the skin inside his chest and rending tissue was devastating. He withheld the grimace that would reveal the pain she wrought, meeting her level stare and grinding his teeth together.
“I missed the heart intentionally, Lycae.” She peered around him for a moment and returned those glorious blue eyes to his face, gun level and at the ready. “I won’t a second time.”

Thanks again for having me, Laura. You rock!

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