Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Favorite things to do in the winter

Winter is not my favorite season, and I have to walk to work in the weather, but I can see a lot of good about this time of year. I love the holidays, so the first part of the season is set. I’ve always seen January as the Monday of the year, though, and have had to come up with good ideas to perk up this part of the year. 

Many people will, of course, get started on their New Years’ resolutions, and that’s great! Some of my favorite things to do are what many other people like to do: read, binge watch favorite shows on TV, and visit friends. Or for the more active times, go for brisk walks or hiking in the beautiful scenery the state in which I preside provides.

Apart from that, winter, for those who prefer not freezing outside can be spent in some great ways indoors. I’m the artist/musician type, so I’ll just list some of the less common things one with creative proclivities might enjoy when the weather is too cold.

How about inventing a game? This can be as simple as making your own crossword puzzle or card matching game, or perhaps trying your hand at making a simple jigsaw puzzle? If you invented a board game or electronic game, how exciting would that be?

If you like to cook, why not try a new recipe from a different country or a different state? If you’re a writer, why not try writing a short story in a new (for you) genre, or reading in a new genre?

Learning is always, in every season, a good idea too. There are lots of languages and musical instruments to choose from. Have fun!


Echo Ishii said...

I love binge watching shows during the winter holidays. Inventing a game sounds like a good idea. I need to try that.

Marianne Arkins said...

I've tried to like winter ... but I just can't. I'm shivering for you about walking to work! I'm actually doing a puzzle now. I love them :-) And for me, February is the toughest month. We've had 2 - 3 months of winter, and February always seems to be the snowiest just about the time you're ready for spring.

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

OOh! I hadn't thought of binge-watching shows. Hehee. I'm more of a binge-read series kind of girl, but whatever works.
I do recall walking across campus in the snow since it was the only way to get to class and hating it. Blech. I commend you for trying.
Good post!
Here's mine:

Kathy said...

Good choices. I could binge watch some of the cooking shows. I know I walked a lot on campus in winter...didn't have cars and couldn't find parking if you did but I sure can't even recall the time, must have blocked it out:)

Lydia Schoch said...

I'd never thought about the possibility of inventing my own game before. How many times have you done this? I'm so intrigued.

My Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge post.

Judy said...

I love your ideas of inside things to do, especially the special cooking ideas! Games - I would love, but I'm the only person in the house who enjoys playing games. I do enjoy painting. My winter post is here:

Tanith Davenport said...

The idea of learning something new is always good - I'm always open to learning new languages in particular.

My winter post is here:

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thanks for dropping by. I've invented several educational games over the years but haven't done anything past making a prototype. It's fun though.

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