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Welcome to authors Roseanne Cheng and Dara Beevas. I was given a free copy of their book Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing in return for an honest review. 

Giveaway contest: 
This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. The authors will be awarding a 30 minute book marketing consultation to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Congratulations, indie author!

You’ve finished your book—now all that’s left is to get it out into the world. Unfortunately, for many authors, it’s that step of the process that’s the hardest. Marketing is seen as something to be feared, dreaded, and outsourced as much as possible—a daunting task that will leave you drained.

But fear not! The team at Wise Ink knows a thing or two about how to sell your book. And they’re here to tell you everything.

Buzz is the indie author’s ultimate guide to marketing effectively, inexpensively, and excitingly. Within its pages, you’ll find answers to the questions on every writer’s mind:

• What does it really mean to “market” my book?

• How do I best reach my specific audience?

• What are effective ways to promote my book via social media?

• Do I really need to be a public speaker?

In addition to this, the Wise Ink marketing team has provided sample content calendars, email promotions, a marketing starter kit, and more to ensure you’re prepared to get out there and sell your book.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a horror story! Let Buzz teach you how to take your book to its maximum potential.

Read an Excerpt:

Where Do I Begin?

This certainly is the million-dollar question. The truth is that you “began” when you started writing your book, saw that process through to completion, and decided that what you’d written was worthy of being brought into the world. So congratulations! You have already begun.

Now that you can check “writing your book” off the list, your next task is to define what success means to you. Yes, “selling books” is a good goal in general, and yes, it would be nice if Bill Gates recommended your book for his summer reading list. But success as an author is more complicated than simply selling books. For many authors, being successful means leaving a lasting legacy. For others, it means winning awards in the literary world. For authors who have speaking careers, success might mean having something tangible and desirable to sell to their audience. You are guiding this journey; you get to create your goals based on your vision for your life and career.

Doing this work at the beginning will focus your marketing efforts. There are literally thousands of ways to market your book. So begin by asking yourself why your book is important, who you’ve written it for, and how you expect it to impact your audience. If your book isn’t solving a problem or offering something new and different, you’ll have a difficult time marketing it.

Next, envision the next three to five years. Are you hoping to start a business? Become a career writer? Launch an online platform based on your book’s content? Inspire activists? Is your book the start of several books you will write? If so, who are these future books for? Are you growing a robust online business where content is essential to grow and leverage your brand?

When seeking marketing opportunities, revisit your definition of success and measure whether each potential marketing effort helps meet your specific goals. What works for someone else’s book won’t always work for yours. If an opportunity does not advance you toward your vision, skip it.

What are three non-monetary definitions of success that align with your vision for your life, career, and future?


About the Authors: Roseanne Cheng is a former high school English teacher and author of two young adult books, The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High and Edge the Bare Garden, which won the gold medal for young adult fiction at the Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. She now works as Marketing Director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing where she holds the secondary title of “Author Therapist” and has the pleasure of helping authors create plans to get their work into the world. When she’s not reading a book or practicing yoga, you can probably find her hanging out with her hilarious husband of ten years and their two ridiculously awesome kids. Follow her on Twitter

Dara Beevas believes that books can save lives, open doors, and build bridges. As co-founder of Wise Ink, she encourages authors to share powerful stories that ignite change, tolerance, and growth. She has been involved in the publishing community for fifteen years, acquiring manuscripts, managing projects, and creating marketing and sales strategies for authors and publishers. She’s helped more than four hundred authors publish their books. She is the author of The Indie Author Revolution and co-author of Social Media Secrets for Authors. When she’s not busy pushing the envelope in this crazy world of publishing and networking with inspiring entrepreneurs, she’s traveling and enjoying her husband Tomme’s delicious Jamaican meals with her daughter Genesis. Follow her on or

My Review:

All authors want their books to do well, to sell, but also to mean something to their readers—to have an impact or at least to be memorable. But how can that happen unless other people first read their books? Goals are nuanced, and this book, Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing, addresses different possibilities.

The authors of this book promise “to answer the top fifty questions that…can shift an author’s potential to truly make an impact.” Sounds great! What’s even better is that this book is more than mere marketing. It’s about getting authors to understand the sense of uniqueness that they bring to their work.

Buzzis set up to answer many essential questions such as “Where do I begin,” “What general timeline should I follow,” “Should I hire a publicist,” “What are some cheap and easy ways to market my book,” and many other great questions.

It asks you, the author to answer questions such as: “Whyyour book is important, who you’ve written it for, and howyou expect it to impact your audience.” There’s great talk about launching your book as well.

There are many gems in this book such as, “We live in an age where it is simply not enough to have an incredible book—you need to have an exceptional presence to complement it (7).

Buzzdiscusses how to make marketing fun and not burn yourself out. That is certainly a needed topic for authors nowadays. It’s geared toward people with a variety of budgets, which is also something to appreciate. Helpfully, it answers: what are the newest tools to help authors market their books? The authors of Buzzhere tell us.

There are some great charts for authors to fill in their information, to have at a glance, and to help them plan. Also, tips on how to use Amazon to one’s advantage are very handy. The different waysof selling are discussed. There are so many choices! But what are the pros and cons of each? This book will tell you.

Brimming with information on topics to sell your books, and to make you think about issues you may not even have known you needed to know about, Buzz is a winner, sure to be greatly helpful to authors planning their success.


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