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Hello, Ann, congratulations on your work: Personal Transformation From the Inside Out, a Personal Growth book.

Transformation At Different Stages Of Life

The caterpillar goes through just one transformation and becomes a butterfly. As humans, however, we can experience many transformations during the course of our lives. Our transformations are usually self-initiated, rather than guided by nature. Sure, things can happen that we have no control over, that can change our life, but how and whether we transform in response to them is up to us.

In indigenous cultures and ancient times, there were and are defined “passages” that people experience in their lives; coming into adulthood is one. Often, our own transformations occur during times of passage. Here are a few:

When we leave home for the first time

When we leave home we are on our own in a new way. No longer does our family surround us each day. Space is open to create the circumstances we want to live in and we have freedom to live our life as we choose to.

When we marry and when we have a child

When we marry or have children, someone else has become a central part of our life. We are creating a new family of our own choosing; different than the one we were born into.  We transform as our family interacts and influences us. We can guide our transformation or it can happen to us by default.

When we start or leave a new job

Work, including staying at home with children or family, takes up a good portion of of our lives. When we start a new job the people we are with, the tasks that we do and our environment change. When we leave a job, all of these things become our past. Change is all around us and we can transform because of this.

As you age

Often, in each new decade of our lives, we focus on how we are growing older. Different decades have different meanings. Many of us view these markers as significant times compelling us to transform.

How and when we transform is our choice. We are not caterpillars; we have control over our lives. We can initiate and guide our own transformations to make our lives better, more honoring of our values or more meaningful to us. As we open our minds to transforming through all the stages of our life, we will be better off. Change brings good things and growth keeps life interesting.


We are living in a time of transformation. Old ways are fading. New ways are emerging. There is an increasing focus within. Many of us are feeling a desire to create a new direction for our lives.

Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out uses nature’s process of Chrysalis- a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly – as a guide for our own personal transformation. Each stage of Chrysalis provides a jumping-off point, upon which to reflect about our own experiences as we each transform.

**Nice. Now for an excerpt:

Chapter Three
Growth and Struggle

Starting With Yourself

In your own Chrysalis, you start from where you are, developed and conditioned by the outside world. Who would think a caterpillar’s tissues would create a butterfly?  It is a beginning for you, different from anything that has gone before.
Great Destruction Brings Rebirth

There are other examples in nature of great destruction bringing rebirth—volcanoes pushing rich new soil to the surface, small earthquakes releasing pressure on a fault line and weathering and erosion creating new land forms.

In your Chrysalis, effort is well spent in balancing the destructive and creative forces occurring in your life. It is a time of some chaos. Your point of gravity is shaken, and stability is not yet regained. Enduring your Chrysalis involves maintaining balance between creation and destruction through discipline and developing habits that support you through this time. As parts of your life crumble, you may need more nurturing. As the new enters your life, you may need to give yourself some time to acclimate.
As you endure creation and destruction or face uncertainty in your life, know that rebirth awaits you.
Why Change?

Wasn’t the caterpillar beautiful enough?
Yes, it was.
Its new opportunity, as a butterfly,
Lies in its wings—to fly.

Try this:

Think of a time in your life when you were scared, but you kept going.
What gave you the strength and courage to proceed? (You can use that again.)
What would have happened if you did not proceed?
How would your life be now?

**Those are great questions to ponder. What of your background?

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