Saturday, August 4, 2012

Books Around the World: Haiti

Haitian author Edwidge Danticat has written a novel giving a wonderful look into her native land. Breath, Eyes, Memory has characters of strength and courage who have faced tragedy with grace.

The main character, Sophie, lives in a poor village in Haiti; then at age 12, she goes to New York to be with her mother. Life is strange there, but Sophie is tough. She discovers terrible secrets about her mother. Her mother has nightmares and passes some of her unwanted ways to Sophie, traumatizing the girl.

Sophie meets a much older man, a musician, and her mother doesn’t approve. What will Sophie do? She does something rather drastic to free herself, but it comes with serious problems.

Sophie goes back to Haiti, to her grandmother and the aunt who raised her. All through the novel, the reader is treated to Haitian details of life and culture, and watching characters of courage overcome difficult circumstances. Get a little taste of the wisdom of a different culture in a book that is well written with emotional depth, and have a look at Breath, Eyes, Memory.

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