Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Books around the world: New Zealand and Canada

Hello, I just finished a book called The Piano, by Jane Campion, a native of New Zealand, and Kate Pullinger, who is originally from Canada.

It's set in Victorian times, partially in Scotland and partially in New Zealand. A woman and her young daughter move to New Zealand because the mother is contracted into a marriage. Ada McGrath meets her new husband for the first time there. Ada is mute and has a passion for playing the piano. Her husband refuses to transport the piano to their new home, so she strikes a bargain with the neighbor, Baines, to get her piano back.

With Baines, Ada comes out of her shell. He awakens her to new possibilities. Then her husband finds out and does something terrible.

This is a short novel and interesting. I haven't seen the movie. Ada is a passionate character, and her ways reflect this. The storyline is presented in a fresh way. For those who like dark, Victorian tales of love and inner strength, this would be a good story to read. At the end of the book, Ada has to make a serious decision and comes to a striking discovery. The book is also interesting in weaving cultural aspects of New Zealand in with the plot. The reader gets dashes of the native people, the Maoris as a bonus.

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