Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book review: Bleed For Me

Hello, I just finished a murder mystery book called Bleed For Me, by Michael Robotham. At the beginning of the book, the best friend of a man's teenage daughter shows up at his home, covered in blood. The blood turns out to be her father's. She's accused of his murder.

The main character, Joe, is a psycholgist. He investigates things to help his daughter's friend, not believing she's guilty. His search for information brings him around Britain. He finds danger at many turns, and someone ends up killing his dog, hurting him, and poisoning his friend.

The author has done a good job making a reader feel for the characters. Tension is high, and the mystery deepens. It's an unpredictable tale with a surprise at the end. The subplot is woven into the story well and adds greatly to the major plot. Fans of murder mystery books should check out this author.

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