Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review for Eternal Knot

The Eternal Knot by T.K. Toppin is the third in an excellent sci-fi trilogy. It starts out with a nice summary of the two other books to aid the reader in understanding and getting one up to speed.

Josie is an interesting character. She’s from just a little past our time but sleeps in a pod for more than three hundred years, finding herself in the future. Married to the world president, she deals with daily, deadly threats. Josie’s husband, John is a self-controlled, private man, and Josie’s match. The two make a great couple. They can fight exceptionally well and are forced to, once again, fight for their lives. Josie swears a lot and wears weapons, even at formal dinners.

The other characters in this book really come alive for a reader, too. John had a fling years before, and the woman is back, with an agenda. Elena wants him back and will do wicked things to get her way, creating great tension with Josie. The other supporting characters move the plot along just as well as the main ones. They are all complex with equally complex relationships. A strong plot causes a shift in certain relationships.

This is quite an adventurous story with dashes of humor. The dialogue between Josie and Simon, head of security, is often funny.

Josie is on a mission to find her niece, Fern, who is also a pod survivor. Suspense moves the plot along rapidly. What will happen when Josie finds Fern? (Some wild things, that’s for sure.) There is lots of action and long fight and chase scenes that are exciting. Frantic emotions are clearly drawn.

Those who like action-packed sci-fi, futuristic stories with intricate fighting techniques and well-described world details should check out this book; in fact, check out the trilogy!