Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review for Spartan Heart, Part 2

Spartan Heart, Part Two by Kristine Cheney is an entertaining, romantic paranormal story. It has an exciting beginning with colorful characters bringing this tale to life. It’s filled with hunky men.

Evan is a likeable heroine. She displays kindness, forgiveness, and graciousness at different times.  Tommy, a mortal, is surprisingly chivalrous. Taryn, Evan’s best friend, is an interesting, complex character, and of course the hero, Dorian is wonderful.

Suspense is created with several pressing questions, one being the gender of Evan’s unborn children. A serious bet is based on the outcome. A lot rides on the wager. There are sweet and tender moments like when Dorian communicates with his unborn children. At other times, the story is funny and charming or sexy.

Sometimes the writing is distant and vague with lots of telling, and there are a lot of exclamation marks, but the story is still quite enjoyable, with a villain to keep things tense. With the birth of the babies and the end of the tale, more surprises pop up. This is a great second part to the series. It's available with Astraea  Press,  LLC

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