Thursday, October 20, 2011

review for A Necessary End by Diana Rubino

What would happen if the ghost of a Roman killer, long dead, haunted John Wilkes Booth in an effort to drive him mad? Add in the fact that Wilkes is dating a beautiful Yankee sent to spy on him. They fall in love even though they’re on opposite sides. What occurs when she tries to stop him from his plans against President Lincoln? This book shows us, with a cast of fascinating characters, including a “Jack-the-Ripper” type doctor on the scene to add interest.

A bit of the paranormal meets history with a dash of “Romeo and Juliet” thrown in to make for a page-turning story. Ms. Rubino knows her history, and she writes entertaining works, one right after the other. A Necessary End does not disappoint.

Historical characters are brought to vivid life in this story. The reader gets a behind-the-scenes look into Booth and the action that made him infamous. What things happened, slowly pushing him toward his radical decision to kill Lincoln?

Ms. Rubino’s story explores all of the above in a way that is memorable. Even though we all know the inevitable ending concerning Lincoln, suspense is still created, and tension is high until the last page. This book is highly recommended to both lovers of historical fiction and the paranormal.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review for Spartan Heart, Part 2

Spartan Heart, Part Two by Kristine Cheney is an entertaining, romantic paranormal story. It has an exciting beginning with colorful characters bringing this tale to life. It’s filled with hunky men.

Evan is a likeable heroine. She displays kindness, forgiveness, and graciousness at different times.  Tommy, a mortal, is surprisingly chivalrous. Taryn, Evan’s best friend, is an interesting, complex character, and of course the hero, Dorian is wonderful.

Suspense is created with several pressing questions, one being the gender of Evan’s unborn children. A serious bet is based on the outcome. A lot rides on the wager. There are sweet and tender moments like when Dorian communicates with his unborn children. At other times, the story is funny and charming or sexy.

Sometimes the writing is distant and vague with lots of telling, and there are a lot of exclamation marks, but the story is still quite enjoyable, with a villain to keep things tense. With the birth of the babies and the end of the tale, more surprises pop up. This is a great second part to the series. It's available with Astraea  Press,  LLC

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The emotions of animals

Hello, do you have an opinion about whether or not animals experience emotions? Many pet owners will say that animals do have feelings, but many scientists disagree, saying that ascribing human characteristics to the nonhuman is anthropomorphism.

I don't know, I have pets, and it's pretty clear to me that they can feel, and strongly. I have witnessed what seems to be clear happiness (bright eyes, wagging tails, purring etc), anger (hissing, baring teeth, growling, flicking tails), sadness (mopping around directly after a tragic loss such as the death of another pet in the household) and other emotions in cats, dogs, and other animals.

To read an interesting exploration of this topic, I checked a book out in the library called, When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy. The book discusses both points of view and displays several interesting cases of observed animals such as Siri, an elephant who sketches, to Koko, a gorilla who can do sign language and loves to play with dolls--when alone. There are many other animals and their stories described as well. It's an interesting book. If you love animals, you'd probably like this book.