Monday, January 3, 2011

Some random, interesting things

Hello, I'm reading this book called The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You know is Wrong by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. There are many things in it I found surprising. I'll list a few, briefly. :)

According to this book:

A person is more likely to be killed by an asteroid than by lightning.
Camels come from North America.
The Universe is oficially beige (not black with silvery bits).
Who blew the nose off the Sphinx? (Not Napoleon. The most likely answer is 6000 years of wind and weather on it.)
The place of baseball's invention? England. (Really?)
How many states does the United States have? Technically, 46. Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts are officially commonwealths. (I guess I was born in a commonwealth.)
What do camels have in their humps? Fat. (The only one that didn't surprise me.)
How long is the day? Depends on some different factors but never exactly 24 hours long. It can be as much as 50 seconds more or less than this.
The longest animal? The bootlace worm. (I guessed the blue whale.)
And the loudest thing in the ocean? Shrimps.
Okay, I'm officially surprised. The book is filled with tons of these, and it gives elaboration.

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Anonymous said...

I would have never known any of these. LOL. What a shock. Thanks for sharing.