Friday, January 7, 2011

CSN stores review

Hello, I was lucky enough to get to do a review for CSN stores again. With over 200 stores containing products ranging from art to furniture to shoes, and much more, there is so much to choose from.
This time, I chose a pair of shoes and a little handbag for review. I was not financially compensated for this and offer only my honest opinion on the matter.

For the shoes, I chose a pair of Aerosoles. I've worn other shoes by them before and was very happy due to the comfort of the shoes and the fact that they were stylish. Comfort and style...two things that I think go great together, especially since I walk a lot and don't want to get sore feet. (Also, having once been a professional nail technician, I know what poor-fitting shoes do to feet over time--no thank you!)

The pair of Aerosoles that I already have are flats. This pair here that I'm reviewing has heels, but rather wide heels (another good thing for me since I don't do well with narrow heels--most of my shoes are flats).

Being being drawn to this brand again I also chose this pair of shoes because they're attractive. I work in a private school, one-on-one with students in my office. The shoes have a professional, yet fashionable look to them. I will most often wear them to work, and the heel won't be a problem for me because I sit at my job. These shoes look really classy and will go great with my work clothes, but they're adorable enough that I'd wear them on the weekend too, perhaps with jeans? I'll have to try that. They'd go well with a skirt too.

Okay, now for the second test: would they be as comfortable as that other pair that I have with this brand name? I had to unzip the side to get them on then walked around. They were a tad loose, but not enough to be a problem. I won't be able to wear thin socks with them though, or there would be too much wiggle room. That's okay for me though. My feet get cold easily, and I don't like thin socks anyway. They weren't AS comfortable as those flats I own, but they weren't uncomfortable, and flats are supposed to be cozier on the feet than heels anyway. They feel better than high heels though, by far. When I chose this pair to review, I took a small chance because of the heels, but seeing their width, I shrugged off my concern. Walking in them, I wobbled a little, but I haven't worn heels since I was in my twenties (the Clinton years). I'll get used to that fast though, I'm sure, because they're not that high.

Now for the stats: Aerosoles Egg Role Pump:

*The shoes of the Egg Role collection come in black fabric, black leather, gray leather, and dark brown. I got the black fabric pair.
  • Distressed glazed leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabric lining with zipper
  • Manmade suede sock liner
  • Self covered heel and buttons
  • 3' heel

This is a good brand, and I'd buy from them again. Dealing with CSN stores is great, as usual. I like the fast, friendly service, and shopping online simplifies things for me because I mostly rely on the bus and walking. Having more than 200 stores in one place is another convenience. One can find a variety of things without having to spend the whole day searching around. The shoes arrived in the mail in good condition and in a timely matter.

Now for the second item I received for review: A Murval Max Quilted Wristlet.

I don't carry around a purse, but rather a backpack because I'm a voracious reader, and as an author (I write at night when I get home from work) I'm constantly researching and lug books with me everywhere. Sometimes though, all I need is my wallet and maybe one other item when I walk into a store or a restaurant. Bringing in the backpack would be too much. When I saw this wristlet, I was intrigued. My wallet and itouch could fit in it when I have to leave my backpack behind.

I'm a practical person, but I'm also an artist. I used to draw a lot, but I play two instruments and used to be in a rock band. Looking for an item that was both useful and logical for me as well as being cute and unique, I was drawn to this little wristlet. It arrived in the mail shortly after the shoes. I put my wrist through the chain like a bracelet. It was a good size; not too big.

It looks good and does the job. Now for the stats:

  • Constructed of 100% cotton
  • Interior lining is 100% polyester
  • Bag closure is with a zipper along side
  • Fabrication is canvas soft
  • Do not soak in water
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 6" W x 1.5" D
MURVAL is a French company founded in Paris by 2 sisters, Muriel and Valerie.  Kind of cool.The Wristlet came with a tag that had a friendly little note from the sisters, adding to its charm.

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