Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some random things

Hello, a new week is upon us, and Thanksgiving approaches. I love this time of year, the decorations, the yummy recipes, the cheer, and so much more. It's so lovely when someone wishes me a Thanksgiving. That doesn't go unappreciated, such a little thing, but really thoughtful.

I'm no cook but will be enjoying the holiday with relatives this year. I also look forward to seeing my daughter who's in college now. And time to put the tree up. It seems like after Thanksgiving, Christmas comes so quickly. I wish that period in between would slow down because I enjoy it so much.

Keeping busy is never a problem. I work in a school during the day but write or research novels at night, edit for a small publisher, and do book reviews for a popular online site. Once in a while, I do reviews for CSN too. They've contacted me with another opportunity, and I was happy to accept. Their selection is vast, from shoes to art and fitness supplies or even a nice barstool or two.
I've tried a few of their items and wasn't disappointed. Besides nice products, their customer service was good, and that's one thing I don't take for granted nowadays.

Well, to wrap it up, I want to wish you all a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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