Monday, November 15, 2010

Please welcome author Lea Ryan

Welcome, Lea!
Now for a little bit about your book:
Anna Montgomery inherits her grandmother’s mansion and discovers there’s more to her new life than just a change of residence.  She quickly falls in league with the town’s wealthiest family, the MacDowells. They offer her everything from power to social status and even romance. But there are consequences when you ally yourself with those who practice witchcraft. AnnaBeth will risk losing everything to protect the town of Fosters Branch and the people she loves.


This is an excerpt from Chapter 1. AnnaBeth dreams about Justin MacDowell.

When I look into his face in my dream, he looks like he always did, light hair, tan skin, deep, darkly serene eyes, so good looking. The coolness is there, too. He is beauty without soul.

He calls me AnnaBeth and tells me we're not in high school anymore. He tells me we don't have to pretend to fit into any category or have certain types of friends. Justin holds my gaze. I couldn't look away if I tried. And then all of a sudden, I smell him with an intensity that drowns out the bleach and old books smell. First it's a soap scent but as he leans down to press his rough face against mine, the smell morphs into something intoxicatingly masculine, like cologne but more sophisticated.

He's warm, his hand, his lips, maybe even hot. I feel my face go red as he nuzzles down to my neck and whispers what I will do. I will be what he wants me to be. I will do what his family tells me, and I will give him whatever he asks and I will do it because it’s my destiny. I have no choices, only what I’m supposed to do. It’s mapped in the stars, he says in a soft voice. I can't let go, even as my mind struggles against him. He holds me by my waist fiercely but with this terrifying ease. Justin pulls me closer to him.

I fell awake in Nanna's room, almost rolling from the bed but catching myself on a handful of quilt. My heart pounded hard in my chest. I was out of breath like I'd jogged into town from Dad's house.

Lea Ryan is the author of two novels and several short stories. She is an Indiana native and currently lives there. When she isn’t immersed in a sea of corporate gray, she writes novels about the supernatural.

I love the supernatural and like the sound of your book. I wish you well with it!

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