Friday, October 29, 2010

Descent into Darkness review

Hello, my historical romance novel Descent into Darkness got its first review. :)
Snapdragon at Long and Short of It Reviews gave it a four out of five.

Here's a snippet from the review:
At the start, it is easy to believe her love will cause her descent into darkness…that this is all a carefully woven romance, but it is more. There is more waiting for young Clarissa; from a dangerous journey to a kidnapping, and before her is a darkness we could not have predicted. What seems a subtle romance actually involves a tangled tale of mystery and intrigues around the war. Shared sorrows unite some – but loyalties and family have a huge role to play here. The unpredictable nature of this story combines with the well-maintained tone and believable characters to keep the interest building throughout.

For the full review, go here...

It's available as an ebook here...
and soon the print version will be out.

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