Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween is coming up. Did you know...

Hello, I have a guest today. I'd like to welcome and thank Margo Smith for her information about Halloween.

Trivia In Time For Halloween

Do you know all about the holiday where we dress up and get candy just for the asking? There are all kinds of myths about how the holiday got started. Clear away the cobwebs and get straight down to the facts about this day that has been a spooky tradition for so long: Halloween.

Q. Why do we use orange and black as colors for this holiday?
A. Autumn is a time of change, and orange represents the harvest of crops during this season, while black stands for death.

Q. Do you know why black cats are synonymous with Halloween?
A. Once they were thought to be a witch’s familiar, or assistant, and so they came to be associated with this day of ghosts, ghouls and black magic.

Q. Did you know that nearly half of Americans believe in real-life ghosts? It’s true!
A. The exact percentage is 48.

Q. Who is the Halloween-type character more filmed than any other?
A. Dracula

Q. What is the biggest pumpkin ever grown?
A. It is a whopping 1,469 pound gourd grown in Pennsylvania in 2005.

Q. How much water is in a pumpkin?
A. 90%
Q. What is the most money ever granted for having the largest pumpkin?
A. $25,000

Q. How many Americans decorate for this holiday?
A. 86%

Q. How much do Americans spend on Halloween candy every year?
A. 2 billion or more

Q. Do you know the very first penny candy to come pre-wrapped in the U.S.?
A. Tootsie Rolls

By total number of sales, do you know which Halloween treats are most popular?
1.    Tootsie Rolls
2.    Hershey's Milk Chocolate
3.    Nestle Crunch
4.    Nerds
5.    Hot Tamales
6.    Candy Corn
7.    Snickers
8.    Baby Ruth
9.    Reese's Pieces
10.    Almond Joy
11.    Milky Way
12.    Razzles
13.    Life Savers
14.    M & M's
15.    Sour Patch

Non-foods or Non-sugar items:
1.    Halloween-themed stickers
2.    Temporary tattoos
3.    Pencils
4.    Bubbles in tiny bottles
5.    Individual-sized containers of playdoh
6.    Noisemakers
7.    Pretzels
8.    Sugar-free gum

Today the #1 seller is Snickers, but Tootsie Rolls are number 1 because they have been around longer.

Now you know more about this tasty and ghostly holiday. Did any of them surprise you?
Enjoy these facts as you share them with friends and family as Halloween approaches this year.

About the Author
Margo Smith graduated with a B.S. degree from BYU. Working through college and being in the corporate world give her a great deal to say about subjects as diverse as small business, online classes and jogging.

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