Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another list

Examples of books published or written 100 years ago, 200 years ago, and so forth...

1910: Arnold Bennett's novel Clayhanger
1810: Walter Scott publishes The Lady of the Lake
1710: Cotton Mather publishes his Essays to do Good
1610: (1610-1611) William Shakespeare's play The Tempest
1510:1510–1514: Illustrations de Gaule et singularitez de Troye (Jean Lemaire de Belges)
c.1410: Manuale di arte del combattimento del XV secolo (Fiore dei Liberi) Discusses instructions of the knight's fighting skills and techniques
1310: Isaac Israeli's Yesod Olam (Analysis of the astronomical and historical questions connected with the Jewish calendar)
1210: Gottfried Von Strassburg writes his version of Tristan and Isolde
c.110 Roman historian Tacitus writes his Annals and Histories
c.10 Ovid's poetry collection Tristia is dated to 9-12 AD.

Do you know of others written during these years, or what do you know of these?


P.L. Parker said...

Wish I could help, but I know very little about literature that far back.

Kingdom Expansion said...

Wow! this is really a great post. Who would have thought.

Also what a awesome blog. Love the layout, background choice (way cool) and the content.

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