Friday, August 20, 2010

CSN Stores shoe review

Hello, I'm a busy writer who works in a school during the day and takes the bus and the train home at night. I do quite a bit of walking as well, so when presented with the opportunity to review a pair of shoes, I chose something I could wear often, the Gram Central Mary-Jane by Aerosoles; though I was tempted by the nice dress shoes offered at CSN Stores. There was no financial compensation offered for this review. The company sent them to me for free, and the opinions here are strictly my own.

Wanting to go with something different, I chose the dark green pair.  The green metallic leather appeals to the artist/musician in me. They are versatile enough to wear to work, (being nice enough for that) or out and about on casual excursions. The shoes would go well with corduroys or jeans, or other things as well.

They are made of leather and suede, and have a mesh upper section. The sole is rubber and the lining fabric. There is a suede sock lining and Velcro straps with side silver grommets. The heel is one inch tall.

I ordered them online, and they arrived in less than a week. The ordering process was quick and efficient. I appreciated that. When they arrived, I was not disappointed in how they looked. They weren't misrepresented at the store's Web site. Ever have that happen? ;)

Slightly nervous that they wouldn't fit right because I hadn't had the chance to try them on in person when I ordered them, I slipped them on. They fit perfectly! And that Velcro strap, being adjustable as it is, allows for tightening or loosening. If I wear socks, for example, or my feet swell a bit from all that walking I do, no problem; I'll loosen the strap. If I go without socks, I can tighten it. I like how trouble-free these shoes are.

I walked around in them and couldn't believe how comfortable
they were! They feel better on my feet than my tennis shoes do, pure comfort, cushiony. These shoes are so cozy, in fact, I'll probably wear them often, and over time, I hope to get those other colors (the black, brown, purple, and silver combos).

They're well-made, attractive, a combination of classy but casual, and feel so good on my feet, that I'd like to own them in every color they come in eventually. :) Highly recommended.


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i love your shoes! well, a shoe. never thought of reviewing shoes but it was a great review there! :)

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Linda LaRoque said...

They are cute, Laura. Wonder if the heel is high enough in the back to accomodate my inserts and then not slip. Having comfortable shoes is a must. Glad you found some for that walking.

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