Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book review for The Macgregor's Daughter by Dee Julian

The Macgregor’s Daughter by Dee Julian is a delightful read. A sweet, historical romance, it's set during the era of the American Revolution and is filled with historical intrigue. I enjoyed the escapades of spies and romance, adventure and humor.

The Scottish castle setting is alluring and makes for a great backdrop. Rich, accurate details color the story, and I could practically hear the Scottish brogues from the well-written dialogue, heavy, but understandable, unless a reader is not used to anything Scottish, then it might be hard to maneuver.

This story contains much witty conversation between the hero, Lucien, and the heroine, Dreya. It is a delight.

Lucien has an accident and temporarily loses his sight and memory. He ends up on her Scottish island, in her family castle. She’s the Laird’s daughter, and a spunky one at that. She handles disputes well in her father’s absence and is quite clever.  She also takes care of Lucien while he recovers.

Interesting secondary characters come onto the scene. Edwina the healer is great and adds charm to the story. She has a wise way of seeing things. I also liked Dreya’s cousin, but I wished he would have told Lucien who he really was to her earlier (he’s family, not her romantic love). The love of the Macgregor for his daughter is touching and comes across well.

Lucien and Dreya get to know each other a bit, and the sexual tension sizzles. There’s a scene where Lucien shows his brave nature in a daring rescue. He’s a hero, so why does Dreya then have him thrown into the dungeon? Sudden terror overcomes her when she realizes a certain truth.

It’s lovely how Lucian likes her so much even though he’s temporarily blinded and has no idea what she looks like. Theirs is a complicated relationship in the making: they often treat each other poorly, yet they show signs of caring about each other very much. 

The novel ends in an exciting, dramatic way, and it kept me turning pages. The ending is quite satisfying. I was entertained by the story itself, the endearing characters, and the setting and would recommend this book to fans of historical romance.


Dee Julian said...

Thank you, Laura, for the wonderful review! I'm very happy you enjoyed the book!

Anthology Authors said...

This is a great review for a great book. :) Congrats, Dee!