Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deadly Karma: Three Speculative Tales

Hello, my paranormal short story collection Deadly Karma was released today. Here's a little blurb:
Karma: Karma’s Time Machine: A mean college girl learns a lesson she’ll never forget when she stumbles upon another dimension. 
The Deadly 50/50: She is neither good enough for heaven, nor bad enough for hell. Now it’s time to take a stand. Given a task that sends her to the gates of hell, success seems possible; then she sees who the gatekeeper is. 
Karma: The Blue Dress: One woman must make a sacrifice to insure the future. Another must give up something to save the past. What happens when the 21st century meets the 19th for a dual tale across time?


Sheila Deeth said...

They sound fun.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thanks, Sheila! :)

Psychic Readings said...


thanks for this tale, i feel something funny after reading this post

Rebecca said...

I'll need to check this book out. Sounds like my kind of read!
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