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Goddess Fish tour: Please welcome author Madelyn Ford

I'd like to give a warm welcome to author Madelyn Ford, author of My Avenging Angel. It's available with Samhain Publishing. I asked Madelyn to discuss her research and the paranormal. She had some interesting things to say:

Ohh, the dreaded research. Some people love it. Some hate it. And I must admit, I fall into the love category. I could spend hours shifting through the web for information. Ha! What do I mean could? I have, looking for just the right sword or the perfect name.
With my series at Loose Id about a faction of fallen angels called the Grigori, I spent hours researching virtues, just so I could find the perfect names for my heroines. And weapons, I love anything sharp and pointy (guess I’m like some of my characters in that way :) so I spent some time finding the perfect ones for each character.

When it comes to angels, there is a wealth of information out there. Not only have I made excellent use of the web, but I also purchased several excellent books on them. One in particular, A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson, is a particular favorite.
I tend to stay more biblical when it comes to my view of angels, you know, that whole smite you thing that tends to happen, especially in the earlier texts. They are warriors, first and foremost, and their greatest enemy is, of course, Lucifer.

My array of demons is quite broad, and these I took from many different places. Some are Greek in origin, others from a variety of European folklore. They are usually quite gruesome and rather destructive, but I have to say, in some ways, piecing together these different myths to fit my vision has been rather fun.

With such an extensive array of paranormal romance out there, it can be difficult to make your work stand out. But all it takes is that one Aha moment, when you come across that perfect little tidbit of information, to make your day. And when you have the final product, your finished manuscript, the hours you spend researching will all be worth it.

My Avenging Angel blurb:

To save her life, he must break a covenant—and lose his heart.
An Angels and Demons story.

It’s Victoria Bloom’s twenty-fifth birthday. But is she out celebrating? Oh, no. She’s in a stuffy old attic with the Three Stooges—a.k.a. her so-called spirit guides. There’s a demon who wants her dead, the same one that killed her mother two decades ago. No worries, say the Stooges. All she has to do is summon an angel. What could go wrong?

Well, plenty when you summon the wrong angel. The next thing Tory knows, she’s got one very bad-ass, pissed-off and sexy Archangel on her hands.

Michael, mighty warrior, leader of an elite team of demon killers, is shaking in his heavenly combat boots. Not because he finds all humans distasteful. But because he’d rather face Lucifer himself than the woman his soul has just recognized as his mate. Binding himself to a mortal, one who will eventually die, is the one path he’s sworn never to follow.

It’s too late now; his fate is sealed. With one touch, she becomes as necessary to him as the air he breathes. He will move heaven and earth to protect her—but against a demon as powerful as Asmodeus, heaven and earth may not be enough…
Warning: This book contains one bad-ass Archangel with a fiery, um, sword, a witch who blows things up, one nasty demon who is trying to kill them both, and ghosts who make interfering their mission. Steamy sex is had, even with the voyeur ghosts—though Tory is still blushing.

Striding through the maze of intricate passageways, Michael wrestled to get his temper under control. He was leader of the Powers, an elite group of warriors originally formed to police their own kind but whose sole purpose was now hunting down and terminating those who joined Lucifer’s ranks. He should have been immune to the trappings of humans. Or so he would have liked to believe. It was a valuable lesson born home by a tiny blonde he could have crushed with his bare hands if he’d been inclined. But he hadn’t and it just pissed him off.

Instead, the need to draw her into his arms had slammed him in the chest. For the briefest moment, he’d actually felt his soul reach for hers. Michael had stopped that shit almost immediately. He’d seen what mating with a human had done to Gabriel. The death of Ariadne Duchesne had damn near destroyed him. In the four hundred years since she’d been slain, he and Gabriel had spoken maybe a couple dozen words and those had all been laced with hostility. At least from Gabriel’s end. He blamed Michael for her death. It was why Michael had agreed to help the human. He wanted to make amends. Not because she made his dick harder than a spike and his soul cry with need.
“Big of you to grace us with your presence.”

Michael folded his arms across his chest and arched a brow at his second in command, hardly amused by Zadkiel’s sardonic drawl. Never mind Zadkiel had been the one Tory had been trying to summon. Tory… Best to forget about her with all that luscious blonde hair smelling of lilacs.

Shit. If he got a hard-on Zadkiel would never let him live it down.
“Maybe if you’d had something of interest to impart, I’d have stuck around.”
“How’s this, lord asshole? A report has come in from Skath. A witch managed to scry upon one of Lucifer’s high-ranking lieutenants.”

“Who?” Michael demanded, letting the asshole comment slide because when Lucifer’s name was uttered in his presence, the rage flooding his system usually prevented him from concentrating on anything else. The knife his once best friend had quite literally embedded in his back was not something Michael had ever thought he would forget. Until today. Today the all-encompassing fury was replaced with something feeling suspiciously like fear.

Zadkiel cocked his head to the side, studying Michael for a moment and holding his breath. Michael waited for the smart-ass comment that never came.

“Asmodeus. He’s somewhere in the Houston area.”

As the air rushed from his lungs, Michael nodded, glancing away. If Asmodeus was in Houston he was far from Boston and Tory. “Gather a team and keep me informed. I want to know every move he makes before the bastard makes it.”

“Michael, what’s going on?”

Michael had turned to leave, wanting to gather a few things from his room before he returned to Tory, but Zadkiel’s quiet question stopped him in his tracks. He sighed. It wasn’t like he was particularly surprised. He didn’t usually get involved in the hunt unless it was for one of the top-ten ruling archdemons. He commanded and his lieutenants followed. It was how things had worked before Ariadne had pulled him into this mess. Before Tory.

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Thanks so much, Madelyn, for being my guest here. :) Best wishes with your book!


Cathy M said...

Hi Madelyn,

Sounds like you have a lot of amazing aha moments.

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J.A. Saare said...

Hey Mad and Laura!!

I love, love, love this story. I just wanted to drop by and say hi!

Madelyn Ford said...

Thanks for having me at your blog today.

I don't know if I'd call them amazing, lol, but thankfully I've had one or two.

Love the knew avatar. Just noticed it. :)

jeanette8042 said...

I'm just falling in love with this story and it's already on my TBR list!

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Andrea I said...

This looks like a very interesting book. I'm enjoying your interviews.

Anonymous said...

This book sounds exciting! Interesting interview.
Lisa K.

Madelyn Ford said...

Jeanette, I hope you like it.

And thanks, Andrea and Lisa. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thanks for being my guest here, Madelyn, and thank you, everyone, for dropping by. :)

Deanna Jewel said...

Madelyn - best wishes for great sales. The book sounds awesome with hints of sexual tension for sure.

Alessandra said...
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Alessandra said...

I've read a couple of paranormal romances about fallen angels and the name Grigori keeps cropping up. I might have to do my own research to find out where authors draw their names from ;)


Sky Purington said...

"The Grigori (from Greek egrḗgoroi, "The Watchers") are a group of fallen angels described in biblical apocrypha, who mated with women, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim—called giants in Book of Genesis"

Rough description on my behalf, but I LOVE that you researched them and based a story around the theory. I don't want to win a gift certificate. Would be THRILLED to win a free Ecopy of the book! ADORE angels and you seem to as well!

Also, Madelyn, if you ever want to pop over to my blog, I'd love to have you! I'm all about promoting fellow authors (Hope that doesn't take me out of the running to win!)

Contact me at Yours is book well worth chatting about!


Historical Writer/Editor said...

I appreciate you ladies dropping by. What interesting comments you left!

donnas said...

Thanks for sharing today. We are all glad you found your aha moment, but it sounds like an amazing story.

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T.V and Book Addict said...

The story sounds intensely awesome!


Beverly said...

I put this on my wish list instantly upon reading this post! It sounds amazing!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thanks, everyone!