Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renaissance costume

Hello, today I’m reviewing a costume in the Renaissance category. I will draw two names from those who comment on this post. The winners will receive a site membership to The Wholesale Costume club. With membership, you save money on Halloween costumes. Please leave your email with your comment. If you win, you will be sent a coupon code to claim your free membership.

Silver and black going so well together, I chose this particular queen ensemble. First thing’s first. I tried it on hoping it would be comfortable. After all, who wants to wear something for hours and end up tugging at it, yanking and shifting in something that causes discomfort? Well, Luckily, this gown was just fine. It slipped on easily in one stretchy piece, but I’m not surprised because I’ve reviewed for this company before. This queen costume, like the 1950s costume I had tried, took about two seconds to get into. I just slid it right over my head.

The delicate, sheer sleeves and their drapes may look like they would be itchy, but they are okay. The sleeves are pretty and add a touch of extra elegance, but after a while wearing the gown, the sleeves feel mildly tight where it gathers in the middle of the arm.

The Velvet and Lycra gown goes to my ankles, and I’m slightly taller than average, 5’7. I can move around in it comfortably, but honestly, I’ll be concerned about hurting those fragile sleeve drapes. To me though, having to be careful not to snag those is worth bothering with because I like the added touch of charm they add.

The silver center panel is stretchy, and thin black laces crisscross over the top of it. Besides the gown, there are two accompanying parts: a flat, Vinyl silver belt that ties around the back, and a black foam crown trimmed in silver with a sheer drape. The crown and belt go on as easily and quickly as the gown, truly a convenient costume to wear.

If I were to wear this costume for Halloween, I’d have to wear leggings underneath to keep warm outside. If I were to wear it to the Renaissance festival, which occurs in the summer where I live, I’d have a ton of fun but might get too hot out in the sun due to the dark color. However, it’s not a heavy costume, but rather pretty light. With an ice cold drink and little trips to stand in the shade, it would work.

So, the best things about this costume are: it’s comfortable overall, easy to put on, and its colors are pretty. Downside? Having to be really careful with those dainty sleeves. Also, it looks like a costume, not an authentic Renaissance gown, and not quite as nice as I expected, but for the price it goes for, it does the job. I'll definitely be looking at Wholesale Costume when I'm shopping for costumes online. They have a great selection.
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I was given this costume by the company for review. There was no financial compensation, and it is my opinion only and has in no way been influenced by the company.


P.L. Parker said...

You are so slender, you'd look good in anything. How fun to try these on and model.

Linda LaRoque said...

Very nice, Laura. It looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

This one looks nice Laura, but I think I like the 1950's one better. I will recommend this costume store to my friends.

Lisa K.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Ladies, thank you very much for dropping by! I appreciate your kind words. :) -Laura

Historical Clothing Realm said...

Very nice, Laura. It looks great on you!

Renaissance Clothing

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thanks for the very kind comments!