Saturday, May 8, 2010

Costume review

Hello, as a writer of historical fiction, I was intrigued with the thought of reviewing vintage costumes. It's my pleasure to discuss a 1950s sock hop costume sent to me by the company Costume Discounters. After requesting the Nifty Fifties Costume for Adults, it arrived within a few days.

Well, on with the review!
This costume brings to mind the youthful fifties. Just putting it on had me in a playful mood. I felt like a teenager again! Even though I was born decades after the golden age of sock hops, I felt almost transported in time, slipping into the clothes of an earlier generation.
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The costume is comfortable to wear with its stretchy pink and white, short-sleeved striped top. It molds to the figure but has maneuverability. That’s a good thing because if I ever want to wear it to a Halloween costume party where there’s dancing, I won’t have any trouble at all moving about. It can be lowered to be an off-the-shoulder top, or, if I'm so inclined, slipped up to cover the shoulders.
The felt pink skirt was just as comfortable to wear, attached to the top, having an elastic waistline. I just pulled it right on over my head in about two seconds. I really liked the narrow silver, sequined trimming that wrapped around my waist and fell in a graceful swoop from my hip to the soft, white puddle stitched near the bottom.
When the time comes to wash the costume, it will have to be done by hand in the sink or with a soapy sponge. The trimming and poodle are a bit delicate. Without those, though, the outfit is pretty sturdy.
To summarize, this costume is cute, fits well, and is fun to wear. I’d recommend it. Now all I need to do is get a chiffon pink scarf to tie around my ponytail, some bobby sox, and a pair of saddle shoes, or even plain white flats, and I’ll be set.

I was given this costume by the company for review. There was no financial compensation, and it is my opinion only and has in no way been influenced by the company.


Helen Hardt said...

Wow -- it's adorable! :)

Jennie Marsland said...

Hello Laura, this costume is so cute! I'll have t check out the site.