Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please welcome author Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran is a native of Milwaukee, WI, where she resides with her husband, Darren, twin sons, Logan & Evan, and her black lab, Willow. A good portion of her family lives in the Carolinas so she spends time there, as well. She attributes her success to her family and friends.

Kelly learned at a young age that she loved to spin a good story, and that she was good at it. She has been known to say that she gains ideas from everyone and everything around her and that there is always a story playing out in her head. She is the author of several published books, recipient of an Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in 1993, inducted into the Who's Who Book of Americans in 2006, was a Finalist in the 2008 Best Books Award, Finalist in the 2009 Indie Excellence Book Awards, a respected book reviewer for Bookpleasures, interviews authors on her blog, and is a Romance Writer's of America member. Her children's book was just recently featured in GRAND MAGAZINE, as "Kids Book Author of the Week."

Kelly's hobbies include: reading, crafts, movies, cooking, gardening, card games, and spending time with loved ones. She is a practicing Catholic and works part time in the healthcare field.

And an article by Kelly: “Help! My Imaginary Friends Won’t Shut-up!”

If you were to ask a writer how they knew they wanted to be a writer, you’d most likely get a variety of responses. “I read a lot.” “A school assignment.” Yada, Yada.

Want a valid way to tell a writer from the general population? It’s the characters. Yep. Simple as that. Often referring to ourselves as schizophrenic, we have characters that are constantly talking, plotting, and editing inside our heads. These characters are not, in fact, figments of our imagination, nor are they just words on paper. They live, think, breathe- And are very, very real. We cry when they die. Laugh when they do. Hate the antagonist with the same fervor. Root for them to win. Fall in love all over again. And the majority of the time, much to our delight and dismay, they never, never shut-up until they are heard.

A lot of new writers make the common mistake of thinking that because you know your character so well, the reader audience does too. Not so. Be sure to make a list of their physical characteristics, their personality traits, accents, responses, likes, dislikes, and what’s in their heads. When appropriate, add it to the dialog or plot. Don’t let that very authentic person to you become one-dimensional to your reader. Make them realistic, genuine, flawed. Let them tell the story, not you. It is, after all, about them.

For you family and friends of writers, or general book lovers, please be patient. It’s not necessarily that we would rather type until our hands bleed, or stare at the monitor instead of attending that lunch date, or slam that third pot of coffee to crawling in bed. See, it’s because we have no choice. We need to maintain and grasp that thin thread of sanity, or visit the coo-coo’s nest.

On a last note, the next time you find yourself walking down a busy street and pass that stranger who is shouting to seemingly nothing, twitching uncontrollably, or muttering sweet nothings into their own ear- Remember they are either a writer who didn’t give in to the characters in their heads, or they are just the next New York Times bestseller at work.

Thanks, Kelly, for being my guest here. Good luck with your writing.


Kelly Moran said...

Thanks so much for having me, Laura!
Nice to meet everyone. I'll pop in again later.
Great blog!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Kelly! Cute article. I've been known to pass an exit every so often because I'm paying more attention to what's going on in my head than where I'm going. *grin* Maybe I shouldn't admit that.

Kelly Moran said...

Naw, Stacy. Embrace your inner crazy!

Sandy said...

LOL Kelly, you're right, a lot of people think we're crazy when they see us talking to ourselves.

Glad to get to know you a little better.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

I appreciate you ladies stopping by! And Kelly, what personality! It comes right off the page. Thanks for being my guest here. -Laura

Kelly Moran said...

LOL. thanks guys!