Sunday, July 12, 2009

please welcome author Mary Ricksen

Hello, Mary, and welcome. Thanks for the interview. :)

First, could you introduce yourself and talk about your work? What time-travel fiction have you written or are in the process of writing?
Hi Lara, thanks for having me on your site. A little about me. Hmmm. I am an animal lover. Right now we have two German Sherpherds. One is a young female named, BoBo,and she just went into heat.

The older one up until now has only been annoyed with her. Jealous of each other, their petty bickering was starting to get annoying. But now, they are in love.

It' quite interesting to see them interact and how lovesick my poor old boy, Junior, is. the mind says yes, yes, yes, but the body says no. He is just to arthritic to get up there. The grooming, nibbling and loving is quite different. Hormones are amazing aren't they.

I am in the process of working on my second book, so I have not been able to do the blogging I usually do. Burned Into Time, is a sequal to my first book, Tripping Through Time, and it continues with the story of time traveling to the late 1800's to the beautiful state of Vermont. Why did I pick Vermont. Well it has all the mistique and presence I needed for my stories. There is so much to work with. The imagery is so easy with such a beautiful place to use for a backdrop. And I love the place. I will admit the research is hard to do from where I live, but I am managing.

I am married it seems like forever to my husband of 33 years, would I change him. Sure if I could, it's not for want of trying. If only I could get him to clean up after himself. Ha! I always tell people he is like my left let. I would hate to lose it. And he makes me laugh! Right now we live in hot, hot, hot, Florida. I am aiming for the mountains of North Carolina eventually.

When I retired I decided to pursue my writing career. It has been the best move of my life and I wouldn't give up meeting all the wonderful people I have met for anything. Authors are some of the best folks in the world!

What are your favorite time destinations and why?
I like the late 1800's there was so much development at that time. My first book took place on the Lake Champlain islands, my second book will take place mainly in Stowe Vermont, and my third will be in Florida.

Where is your work available?
You can buy it at any of the usual on line places, like Amazon, and Barnes and

What got you interested in the genre? For how long have you been a fan, and who are your favorite authors of time-travel fiction?

I think I have read every time travel romance novel in print today. I started with the time-travel romance about ten years ago. I love them all. Linda Lael Miller, Flora Speer, Becky Weyrith, Kate Lyon, the list of my favorite time travel authors is quite extensive. Now I am starting to read some ebook time travels by my own publisher.

For a time I read every western romance, then every Indian, then it was sci-fi and fantasy. Ever read Peers Anthony he's very different.

What mechanisms do you use for time-travel? Do they vary from story to story?
So far it's only been by putting on a magic Celtic ring that my heroines have traveled into the past. I am really a newbie, and have only published one book.
I hope that my publisher likes my second one too.

What type of research do you do for the genre? Where do you find your sources?
Reseach has been hard for me. My local library is not much help when I try to get loaned books. The main West Palm Beach library is totally unorganized and useless as far as my
experience goes. I actually am from Vermont so some of it is easy. I do a lot of on line looking. But the information is spotty and hard to come by. I am working on that though.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am inclined to think that when you want to accomplish something, like publishing a book, you have to devote yourself entirely and never quit. Some of the best writers in the world have been rejected at one time of another. If you give up, that's the end of it. I so wanted to accomplish this, I've dreamed about it since I was a kid. I am grateful for the help I have had from fellow authors. They are so supportive and understanding. Maybe someday I can be as helpful to someone just like they were to me.

Thanks Lara and I wish you the very best. Mary


Susan Macatee said...

Great interview, Mary! I love time travel too and have read many books set in a variety of time periods over the years. I've only written one time travel so far and a short story, both set during the American Civil War.

That's great that you're writing in your retirement. I came late to writing too, after being a stay-at-home mom for many years, and plan to never retire. LOL.

Best of luck with your time travel stories!!

Emma Lai said...

I love the title of the sequel! Can't wait to read it!

Mary Ricksen said...

Hi Susan and Emma. Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate it.
I have to read your time travel stories Susan, I love the Civil War period myself, and Emma You take care of yourself. Emma, you are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
It's a pleasure hearing about your interests and passion for writing. The friends you have made from your "new" career, are another wonderful bonus to seeing your first book in print! And very few authors can boast that they published their First Book.
Way to go, Mary. Looking forward to the second.
Patrice Wilton

Nightingale said...

Really nice to get to know more about you, Mary. I read Mary's first book and enjoyed it tremendously. I bet the second one will be great, too.

Toni V.S. said...

Congratulations, Mary. O', not much of a Time Travel story person but you're piquing my interest so, I may convert!

Allison Chase said...

Mary, I often feel your pain, lol, when it comes to research. Sometimes it's so hard to find the right info, although the search can be part of the fun as well. But having actually been to the place you're writing about adds extra layers of realism.

Mary Ricksen said...

Patrice, Linda, Toni, Lisa thanks for making a comment. You know how much I appreciate your taking the time to do it.

Mary Marvella said...

Interesting interview, Mary R. Learn something new about you all the time!

M.Flagg said...

Hi Mary. Very nice interview. Who wouldn't love Vermont? What a great state! An animal lover as well, I enjoyed reading about your German Shepherds. They're beautiful animals.

It's always intesting to learn what an author loves and why we write what we write. Congratulations on your first book being published. I'm sure the second will be a success as well.

Judy said...

Nice interview, Mary! I love time travels and I'm acquainted with Vermont, so it sounds like a wonderful book! Good luck with it!

Mary Ricksen said...

Thanks for stopping by Judy, Michelle and Mary M., I appreciate your coming to the blog today! I can't tell you how much.

Catherine Bybee said...

Hey Mary... I have this book sitting in my hard drive calling my name. I'm hoping to have time to read it before summer is gone.

Cate Masters said...

Great interview, Mary and Lara! It was great getting to know a little more about you, Mary. I love to read time travel stories. Lately I've been too busy writing to read much, so my TBR list, including your book, has grown very long. Your new book sounds wonderful. I hope to see it in the TWRP lineup soon.
Best, Cate

Linda Banche said...

Hi Mary and Lara. Nice interview. Mary, I love the title of your new book. I live in New England, so I can agree that Vermont is a beautiful place and a great setting for a story.

Beth Trissel said...

Lovely interview, Mary. I enjoyed learning more about you and your inspiration. Research can be quite a challenge, I agree. I love your Vermont lake setting. Very beautiful, and the time you travel back to.

J.A. Saare said...

Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing Mary, best of luck!

Tia Dani said...

Very nice interview. It is great to get to know more about you and your writing. I love time travel stories and am looking forward to another one! Best of luck!

Skhye said...

Great interview, Mary! 33 years. Wow. And Piers Anthony? I tried reading one of his books but wasn't drawn in. I'll have to go back and try again. Now, get back to writing! I'm off to run the rat race. ;) Although, I had fun blogging about tea-leaf readings today! Thank goodness for those short periods where the mind gets to wander...

P.L. Parker said...

Hey Mary, Laura:

Great interview! As with the other commentors, I love time travel.


Mary Ricksen said...

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. And Laura thank you for having me. You guys are the best!